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President Trump Relevance in His Role in COVID-19 Crisis
La Voz Staff Photo

By David Conde

We know that around one third of Latino voters have historically been in the Republican Party column. The dynamics of the 2020 presidential election call for taking this fact into consideration as the political campaigns gear up for the stretch run.

Democratic strategists are working to “shave” several percentage points off Latino Republican Party participation in order to ensure victory for their candidate. Whatever the case, Latino voters will again be the difference in who is elected President.

More immediate however, is our fight against the Coronavirus Pandemic. It is a matter of life and death for every American and life and death for our national economy.

To date it has been the heroic work of medical professionals, first responders, transportation workers and others that come in every day to provide essential services that has made the difference. Also among them are the food-chain contributors beginning with our farmworkers in the fields, those that bring and stock our groceries and those that keep the doors open.

Our political leaders seems to be up to the task of solving the problems that can help get us out of the present crisis. Congress has voted trillions of dollars to support our medical institutions, businesses and individual workers in the effort to bridge our problems and create solutions.

Our state governors are, for the most part, hard at work to lead us through this difficult period in our history. The one absent or problematic character in all of this is the President of the United States.

President Trump weak response to the arrival of the pandemic on our shores included not taking it seriously, minimizing its significance to the country, calling it a hoax and saying that it would go away with the coming of warm weather. Later faced with the facts, the President decided not to take responsibility for the effort to address this security threat and indicated that the governors take the lead in solving what is really a national and international tragedy.

The governors as a group appear to have taken on the challenge and in doing so have rendered President Trump’s role as somewhat irrelevant. However, instead of providing at least research, supply-chain support and getting out of the way, Trump has gone on the offense to try to force the governors to open up the economy in their states knowing full well that they (governors) would be blamed for the resurgence of the virus if restrictions were taken off too soon.

He has gone as far as to threaten the governors with the withholding federal support if they do not do what he wants. He has also instigated a kind of political rebellion by his followers in various regions, especially in battleground states, as they are demanding that the states lift rules that restrict “normal life.”

The President lost his relevancy in the fight to defeat COVID-19 the day he decided to abdicate his responsibility as the occupier of our highest office. Yet, he continues to meddle in a way designed to save his reelection.

There is a saying in our community that illustrates the President’s selective involvement. “Perro que no come ni deja comer” is a saying about a dog that does not want to eat and yet does not want others to eat either.

The President has become irrelevant in finding solutions to a crisis that challenges the Great Depression in importance. Now, he just throws his weight around to complicate the work of others that are.





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