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A week in review 04/29/20
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By Joseph Rios


Dozens of new hospitals in Ghana
- As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, Ghana is preparing to build 90 hospitals. Many of Ghana’s hospitals lack resources while other parts of the country don’t even have a hospital. Ghana’s economy was projected to grow this year, but now it is predicted to drop by at least 1.5 percent

Liberia official tests positive for COVID-19 - Liberia Justice Minister Frank Musa Dean has tested positive for COVID-19. Another government official from the country died from the virus after meeting with Dean. He encouraged everybody to practice social distancing and to follow health protocol.


Schools reopen in China
- In Shanghai, middle school and high school students are being welcomed back to school while Wuhan is preparing to open up high schools again on May 6. Wuhan is the area where the COVID-19 outbreak initially began toward the end of last year. China believes it is curbing the spread of the virus.

New Zealand says it has eliminated COVID-19 - New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Arden said COVID-19 is currently eliminated in the country. New Zealand has been able to track the origin of cases and says it is reopening its economy, but not opening up people’s social lives. Tough restrictions were placed on the country when the spread of the virus was in its early stages.


Notre-Dame repairs
- After a fire lit up Notre-Dame in France last year, the country was left with the task of repairing the iconic structure. But COVID-19 stopped those plans for a brief time since March 23. During the week of April 27, construction workers started working on the building again while following social distancing rules.

Lockdown restrictions in Italy being eased - Some lockdown restrictions in Italy are being relaxed, starting May 4. People will be able to visit their relatives while parks and buildings will reopen. However, schools in the country will not be reopened until September. Church services are still banned in Italy.

Latin America

Chile to create virus free IDs
- Chile is planning to distribute certificates to residents who have recovered from COVID-19. The documents will allow for people to go back to work. However, the World Health Organization said there isn’t evidence that people are immune to COVID-19 after having it. The organization believes certificates could potentially increase the spread of the virus.

Cuba sends doctors to South Africa - To assist those who are suffering from COVID-19 in South Africa, Cuba is sending over 200 doctors to the country. South Africa is allowing for 1.5 million people to go back to work while some schools are being reopened. Cuba has the highest ratio of doctors to population and got a head start on preparing for COVID-19.

North America

Some states ease lockdown orders
- States like Alaska, Oklahoma, South Carolina and Georgia are allowing some businesses to reopen while Colorado is beginning to allow curbside retail pickup. Places like hair salons, barber shops and tattoo parlors will be allowed to reopen on Friday in some areas of the state. Tennessee restaurants reopened on Monday.

Trump plans to attend West Point graduation - On June 13, President Donald Trump will travel to New York to present a speech at a West Point military academy graduation. New York has been the state hit the hardest by COVID-19. West Point officials were surprised by Trump’s announcement to present a speech at the academy.





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