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Week Of Special Interest 05/06/20
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By La Voz Staff

Colorado job seekers in need of career advisement

The unemployment numbers in Colorado continue to climb and we are approaching graduation season when thousands of new graduates will join the job market during a daunting time.

You can be part of the solution

Participate in a Colorado Career Conversation training to build your skills, expand your network, and explore resources so you can help others as they navigate career choices.

Trainings are FREE, fun, and participants receive continuing education credits

There are virtual Career Conversation training opportunities scheduled through June on a variety of dates, times, and training lengths to fit any schedule. Find one that works best for you (and your team) and register today!

Ideal participants for this training include school counselors, workforce center advisors, higher education advisors, college and career navigators, mentors, teachers, administrators, coaches, custodians, parents, after-school providers, librarians, and ANYONE who might have a career conversation.

Project Background

As an initiative of the Education Leadership Council and on behalf of the Colorado Department of Education, the Colorado Education Initiative is offering Colorado Career Conversation training. The training and framework were also built in partnership with the Colorado Workforce Development Council, Colorado Department of Higher Education, and Colorado Department of Labor and Employment.

This free professional development experience is intended for anyone who might have a career conversation. The goal of the project is to train 5,000 individuals by June 2020, expanding the number of skilled advisors able to deliver a consistent career advising experience.

In response to our changing environment, due to COVID-19, we have transitioned the training to virtual, live Career Conversation workshops using the Zoom video conferencing app. We are confident that the virtual workshops provide meaningful professional development and provide an opportunity for all of us to connect around the important topic of career planning and transition. Zoom provides capabilities such as breakout rooms and polling, which we will use to create an engaging experience for participants.

For more information about Colorado Career Conversations training, please contact Liz Kuehl at

Our Government

White House

White House Proclamation on Public Service Recognition Week: During Public Service Recognition Week, we pay tribute to our Federal, State, and local government employees for their unwavering dedication to civil service. On the front lines in times of prosperity and adversity alike, our world-class workforce remains ready and willing to serve their fellow Americans. At all levels of government, our civilian personnel have made our Nation stronger and more prosperous.

Colorado Governor

Gov. Jared Polis today issued an Executive Order to allow food trucks to operate at Colorado’s rest areas to support truckers and the movement of commercial vehicle activities. The goal of the Executive Order is to help truck drivers have access to affordable meals on the road.

“As Coloradans continue to take precautions including wearing masks and staying home, we are all grateful for the hard work of Colorado’s truckers, who are working hard to ensure that our supply chain runs smoothly and our grocery shelves are stocked,” said Gov. Polis.

Gobernador de Colorado

El gobernador Jared Polis emitió hoy una Orden Ejecutiva para permitir que los camiones de comida operen en las áreas de descanso de Colorado para apoyar a los camioneros y el movimiento de actividades de vehículos comerciales. El objetivo de la Orden Ejecutiva es ayudar a los conductores de camiones a tener acceso a comidas asequibles en el camino.

“A medida que los habitantes de Colorado continúan tomando precauciones, como usar máscaras y quedarse en casa, todos estamos agradecidos por el arduo trabajo de los camioneros de Colorado, que están trabajando arduamente para garantizar que nuestra cadena de suministro funcione sin problemas y que nuestras estanterías de comestibles estén abastecidas, dijo el gobernador Polis.

Denver Mayor

The City and County of Denver is issuing a public health order requiring people in certain public settings to wear a face covering beginning May 6, 2020 and lasting until further notice. Mayor Michael B. Hancock, through the Denver Department of Public Health and Environment (DDPHE), issued the public health order today to protect public health and further prevent the spread of COVID-19. The city is also offering guidelines for residents to ensure compliance.

Alcalde de Denver

La ciudad y el condado de Denver está emitiendo una orden de salud pública que requiere que las personas en ciertos entornos públicos usen una cubierta facial a partir del 6 de mayo de 2020 y que duren hasta nuevo aviso. El alcalde Michael B. Hancock, a través del Departamento de Salud Pública y Medio Ambiente de Denver (DDPHE), emitió hoy la orden de salud pública para proteger la salud pública y prevenir aún más la propagación de COVID-19. La ciudad también ofrece pautas para que los residentes garanticen su cumplimiento.





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