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A week in review 05/06/20
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By Joseph Rios


Lockdowns ease up in Nigeria
- Nigerian businesses have begun to open as the country is working to get its economy up and running. The country had been on lockdown for five weeks to stop the spread of COVID-19. Nigeria’s economy is estimated to take a hard hit because of dropping oil prices.

Kenya nurses threaten strike - Kenya nurses are threatening to strike as union leaders want permanent employment for their members. The union said it will give the Kenyan government two weeks before nurses start to withdraw from the frontline. Kenya has 490 confirmed cases of COVID-19.


North and South Korea exchange gunfire
- North Korea and South Korea fired gunshots at each other at the Demilitarized Zone. North Korea shot at a guard post while South Korea returned fire as a warning. The United States believes the shots from North Korea were accidental.

Liquor stores reopen in India - Liquor stores in Delhi, India have been closed since March 24 because of the pandemic. But recently India issued new guidelines that allows for some shops and offices to reopen, including liquor stores. Crowds flooded the stores as residents did not follow social distancing guidelines while stores ignored a law that only allows five people in a shop at a time.


Leaders pledge billions toward COVID-19
- After an online summit hosted by the European Union, at least 30 countries and donors pledged a total of $8 billion to developing a COVID-19 vaccine, searching for a treatment and to create tests for the virus. Among the countries donating include Germany, France and Japan. At least $4 billion of the donations will go toward finding a vaccine.

France monitors masks and social distancing - Some areas of France are using video cameras to make sure people are wearing masks and following social distancing measures. It is unknown how many cities are using video to ensure people are following orders. Datakalab, a French firm, said the video does not violate any privacy law.

Latin America

Carillo Fuentes’ house auctioned off
- Mexico has auctioned drug lord Amado Carrillo Fuentes’ house for over $2 million. The money will go toward Mexico’s efforts to fight COVID-19. Fuentes died in 1997 and is known for smuggling large amounts of drugs on private airplanes.

Prison riot in Venezuela - At least 40 people were killed after a prison riot at Los Llanos near Guanare. Prisoners were protesting about a lack of food and water. Riots in prisons in Latin America have increased during measures to stop the spread of COVID-19.

North America

Trump says death toll could reach 100,000
- President Donald Trump said 100,000 people could possibly die from COVID-19 in the United States. He added that he is optimistic about a vaccine being created by the end of the year. Health experts have said it could take 12 to 18 months to develop a vaccine.

NFL great, player and coach, Don Shula dies at age 90 - Don Shula, who has the most career wins as an NFL head coach, passed away at the age of 90. Shula played for the Cleveland Browns, Baltimore Colts and Washington Redskins. He led the Miami Dolphins to the NFL’s only perfect season.





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