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Week Of Special Interest 06/03/20
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By La Voz Staff

RTD resumes limited service in and out of downtown through Thursday

The Regional Transportation District (RTD) will resume bus and rail service into downtown Denver starting early this morning. Today, Wednesday and Thursday, the last bus and train out of downtown will leave by 6:30 p.m., with Union Station and Civic Center Station closing at that time. Passengers should plan their trips accordingly.

This limited schedule change is being made to ensure that RTD’s vehicles and riders are out of the area by the city and county of Denver’s 9 p.m. nightly curfew, which remains in effect until Thursday evening.

With fewer protests downtown, RTD considers it safe to operate its trains and buses in the downtown area.

RTD staff, however, will continue to monitor the situation throughout the day to determine if it is necessary to revise service due to any additional activities downtown. RTD Transit Police is working closely with the Denver Police Department.

Service into and out of downtown Denver had been suspended since Thursday evening out of safety concerns for RTD employees and riders. Safety is a core value at RTD.

Please check RTD’s website and rider alerts and follow RTD on Twitter for specific route detour information and updates as they develop.

NW Parkway donates $100K to local organizations addressing impacts of COVID-19

Many families, organizations and businesses throughout the Denver metro area have been harshly impacted by shockwaves of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Northwest Parkway LLC today announced it is making a $100,000 donation to three Broomfield and Lafayette organizations assisting those in need.

Pedro Costa, Northwest Parkway CEO said, “As an organization financially affected by, but fortunate enough to be weathering, these challenging times, we take to heart the importance of supporting organizations that are directly fighting this fight and helping those who have been the most impacted.”

The Northwest Parkway selected the following organizations based upon their positive local and regional impacts, the breadth and inclusive nature of their constituency, and their effectiveness in providing assistance to those in need:

The Broomfield Community Foundation - $70,000

The North Metro Fire Rescue District - $20,000

One Lafayette - $10,000

Northwest Parkway’s goal with these contributions is to help mitigate the challenges local communities will face as they prepare to bounce back and begin moving toward a healthier future.

The Northwest Parkway Toll Road is a 100 percent privately funded nine-mile-long highway connecting E-470 (at I-25 in north metro Denver) with U.S. 36 in Broomfield, Colorado. There were no tax dollars used to build, finance, operate or maintain the parkway.

Our Government

White House

President Trump and his administrations are under fire for having authorities remove peaceful protesters with gas and rubber bullets, from the area where St. John’s Church is located so that he could pose for photos holding the bible.

Colorado Governor

Colorado’s Conservation Districts have fifteen days to opt in for Coronavirus Relief Funding (CVRF), beginning today, May 29th, through the Colorado Department of Local Affairs (DOLA).

As part of the federal CARES Act outlined under Title V, CVRF allows local governments to receive reimbursements for necessary expenditures that were not accounted for in the most recent local government budget and that were incurred as of March 1st due to the COVID-19 public health emergency. Up to $275 million will be allocated to local governments across Colorado.

Denver Mayor

Mayor Michael B. Hancock, Police Chief Paul Pazen and District Attorney Beth McCann updated the public after a fourth day of peaceful demonstrations and several nights of destruction and violence.

“We’re determined to continue to support peaceful demonstrations so people’s calls for change and justice can be heard,” Mayor Hancock said, “But if anyone attempts to hijack these protests to incite violence and vandalism, we will do everything we can to stop it.”

“We thank those who let their voices be heard in a constructive manner and look forward to continued conversations where we can address the issues,” said Chief Pazen. “We see you, we hear you and we are asking for your help. Let’s work together.”





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