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A week in review 06/03/20
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By Joseph Rios


Alcohol sales back in South Africa
- After two months of not being able to purchase alcohol in South Africa before COVID-19, videos emerged of South Africans cheering as others purchased liquor. Officials say alcohol was banned to let police and hospitals focus on the virus. Some brewers and wine makers were forced to close for good.

Arrest made in rape of 12-year-old - In Nigeria, 12 men were arrested after being accused of raping a 12-year-old girl repeatedly in a two-month span. Police found out about the case when a resident complained of a man luring the girl into a hidden place. The girl is in the hospital, and there is medical evidence of rape.


India resumes train services
- Authorities expect that around 145,000 people began to travel on trains on Monday. India’s railway usually carries 25 million people each day. India’s COVID-19 cases have still been increasing.

Fireworks in Japan - To brighten people’s day, Japan hosted surprise firework displays. They were held in secret locations and lasted five minutes. The time limit was set to combat large crowd gatherings. The fireworks were called “Cheer up Hanabi.” Japan firework companies have suffered due to the pandemic. They expected to generate high profits from the now postponed Olympics.


Moscow eases lockdown
- Despite COVID-19 cases rising in Russia, President Vladimir Putin said last week the country was past its outbreak. Russia has reported 9,035 cases and 162 deaths from COVID-19 as of June 1. But some officials believe the country hasn’t been truthful about its numbers. Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin said cases in Moscow could be three times higher than what has been reported.

Belgian Prince has COVID-19 - Prince Joachim of Belgium has fallen ill from COVID-19 after going to a lockdown party in Spain. Joachim released a statement apologizing for his actions and saying he didn’t mean to offend anyone. Police in Spain are investigating the party and found that those who attended the party could be fined.

Latin America

Tropical storm kills 14
- Tropical Storm Amanda caused flooding and landslides in El Salvador that killed 14 people. Authorities estimate that the storm caused $200 million in damage. Thousands had their homes destroyed, and at least 4,000 people have moved into shelters in San Salvador.

Mexico hits 10,000 COVID-19 deaths - As Mexico has reached 10,000 COVID-19 deaths, Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador is getting ready to tour the country. He defended his tour, but scientists have criticized his trip, saying it’s not a good message to send. Car-part manufacturers, bike shops and beer factories were allowed to return to work on Monday.

North America

George Floyd independent autopsy revealed
- An independent autopsy has revealed that the black man who was killed by police died due to compression on his neck. His family’s attorney said the autopsy ruled his death was a homicide.

YouTube denies looting - Jake Paul, who has 20.1 million YouTube followers, is accused of being involved in looting an Arizona mall. He said he was there to film for his YouTube channel and denied being involved in looting. Many extreme activist and White Supremacist groups are being blamed for escalating tension and looting in major cities.





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