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A week in review 09/02/20
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By Joseph Rios


Man shown in Hotel Rwanda movie charged
- Paul Rusesabagina, who’s life was show in the movie “Hotel Rwanda” for his efforts to save Tutsis at his hotel, has been arrested for terrorist motivations. Authorities did not provide further details for his arrest. Rusesabagina has won numerous human rights awards for the work he did to help Tutsis survive. He won the U.S. Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2005.

South Africa police accused of killing teen - Two police officers appeared in court after they were accused of killing a 16-year-old teen who had Down Syndrome in South Africa. Residents marched in honor of the teen, Nathaniel Julies, who was buying biscuits when he was shot. South Africa police have been accused in the past of using excessive force and have faced little consequences.


Former India president dies after positive COVID-19 test
- Pranab Mukherjee, who served as India’s president from 2012 to 2017, has died three weeks after he tested positive for COVID-19. He worked in politics in the country for 51 years holding the positions finance, foreign and defense ministries. He also served on the boards of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund.

TikTok under new Chinese technology law - TikTok, a popular social media app will fall under new China laws that control what technologies Chinese companies can sell overseas. The new could possibly stop the sale of TikTok’s American operations. Reports from China say TikTok should seriously and carefully consider stopping sell-off talks in order to follow the new rules.


Nearly 200 people placed in isolation after flight
- On a flight from the Greek island of Zante to Cardiff, around 200 people will have to self-isolate after 16 passengers tested positive for COVID-19. Many of the passengers said some aboard the flight weren’t wearing masks and rules to prevent the spread of the virus were not enforced. At least seven people aboard the flight are believed to have already been infected.

Russian opposition blogger attacked - Yegor Zhukov, a popular Russian opposition blogger, posted a photo on Facebook with a swollen face saying he was attacked near his home. He said two men attacked him and injured him as police have launched an investigation into the incident. He was given a three-year suspended jail term for inciting extremism last December. Zhukov works on a Russian radio show and was arrested last year during protests during Moscow council elections.

Latin America

Venezuela wants to test Russia COVID-19 vaccine
- Venezuela President Nicolas Maduro said he is looking for volunteers to test out a COVID-19 vaccine Russia created. Venezuela has received billions of financial loans from Russia and said it would be willing to participate in clinical trials. Russia said its vaccine has been successful, but it has skipped crucial steps toward being validated, including a large study on people who use the vaccine.

COVID-19 in Argentina - For the first time since the pandemic began in March, Argentina registered more than 10,000 new daily COVID-19 cases. On Aug. 31, the country reached its highest daily death toll as 381 people died from COVID-19. Argentina may be announcing new measures to stop the recent spike in cases. Earlier in August, thousands of Argentines held anti-government protests.

North America

Georgetown University basketball coach dies
- John Thompson, who coached Georgetown University’s men’s basketball team for 27 years, has died at the age of 78. He led the team to a 1984 national championship and coached four players who are in the Hall of Fame. Thompson is also a member of the Hall of Fame and coached the U.S. Olympic basketball team in 1988.

Hurricane Laura - Americans living in costal areas of Louisiana may be without power or water for weeks because of Hurricane Laura. On Saturday, at least 400,000 people didn’t have power in the state while another 200,000 were left without water. Around 14 people have been killed, 10 of which lived in Louisiana while four others lived in Texas.





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