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A week in review 09/23/20
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By Joseph Rios


Hundreds of elephants die from toxins
- As elephants were found dead, mainly near water holes in Botswana, officials rushed to determine the animals’ cause of death. After tests, officials say toxins made by algae in the water caused the elephants deaths. It is believed that 330 elephants died from the toxins. Climate change may be causing the toxins due to warmer water.

Arrests made in Uganda fire - The Ivory Tower, part of Makerere, East Africa’s oldest university, caught on fire as the university is a month away from reopening. Authorities arrested a policeman and a private security guard in connection to the fire as police investigate the cause of the fire. The fire started early Sunday, and the damage from the fire isn’t expected to impact the university’s reopening.


Oldest person to climb Mount Everest 10 times dies
- Known as the Snow Leopard and as the first person to reach the summit of Mount Everest, Ang Rita Sherpa has passed away at the age of 72. His family said he had brain and liver problems. He climbed Mount Everest 10 times without bottled oxygen from 1983 to 1996, setting a record. Climbers throughout the world took to social media to honor Ang Rita.

Plaque placed by protesters in Thailand removed - As protests continue in Thailand against the country’s government, a plaque saying Thailand belongs to the people and not the king placed by protesters has been removed. Protests have been carried out since July as activists have called for royal reforms and for the country’s prime minister to resign. Authorities say they are investigating the missing plaque.


Migrants catch COVID-19 after camp fire
- Since the Greek island of Lesbos has opened up a new temporary camp for migrants, at least 240 people at the camp tested positive for COVID-19. Around 7,000 tests were administered at the new camp. The positive tests come as the overcrowded Moria camp was recently destroyed by a fire. At least 12,000 people were left homeless because of the fire.

Some pubs reopen in Ireland - For the first time since the pandemic began back in March, pubs that do not serve food in the Republic of Ireland were allowed to reopen under strict guidelines. Recently, public health officials have warned about a possible increase in COVID-19 cases in the country. The country’s National Health Emergency Team reported 396 new COVID-19 cases this past Sunday.

Latin America

COVID-19 cases on the rise in Argentina
- Argentina remains on a nationwide lockdown, but on Sept. 5, the country reported over 12,000 COVID-19 cases. Last Thursday, nearly 13,000 COVID-19 cases were reported in the country as it has seen 600,000 residents fall ill to the virus. As COVID-19 cases continue to infect thousands in Argentina, the virus seems to be slowing down in other Latin America countries like Brazil and Mexico.

Venezuela accused of crimes against humanity - The United Nations is in the midst of investigating allegations of killings, torture, violence and disappearances in Venezuela. Venezuela said the United Nations is on a “hostile initiative.” Millions of Venezuelans have fled the country in recent years. The United Nations alleges that Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro knew of the crimes and gave orders, coordinated operations and supplied resources.

North America

Trump to name Supreme Court nominee
- As Ruth Bader Ginsburg died last week at the age of 87, President Donald Trump announced he will name her replacement by the end of the week. He has urged the Senate to confirm his choice before the upcoming election. Ginsburg’s granddaughter said she didn’t want to be replaced under Trump. Among those who Trump could choose to fill her position include Barbara Lagoa, Kate Comerford Todd and others.

Ellen DeGeneres apologizes - For the first time since allegations about a toxic work environment were made public, the Ellen DeGeneres Show returned on Monday. DeGeneres said she takes the allegations serious and wanted to say sorry to the people it affected. The allegations led to three top show producers being fired. Among the allegations made include misconduct and sexual harassment.





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