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When a vote is not a vote
La Voz Staff Photo

By David Conde

We are in the middle of a catastrophic pandemic, an economic decline and the baring of a racial divide. For the President, these are terrible conditions that prevent successful navigation to reelection.

It does not help that according to Forbes, Trump’s fortunes has been diminished by a billion dollars in the last month from 3.1 to 2.1 billion.

It also seems that the last days of the campaign for the presidency are characterized by a kind of “giving up” on the merits of the election. There is an on-going heavy shift from marketing ideas to improve our situation to an outright questioning of the validity of the election itself before it happens.

This takes us back to a ploy Donald Trump has successfully used in the past when confronted with defeat. I call it “winning by losing.”

What we know of Trump as a business person is that he appears to have squandered the almost half billion dollars left to him by his father in bad deals from casinos to an airline. As a salesman however, he was able to recover some of that from other investors that were thrown under the bus in the 6 bankruptcies that allowed him to come out ahead.

Then there is the loss of the 2016 election vote for president. In this case, the Russians extended a lifeline, especially in 3 battleground states, that helped salvage a win in the electoral college.

This time around, he is preparing to win by losing the election, calling it a fraud and attempting to bluff his way into another 4 years with the help of the Russians (again) and his appointees in the Department of Justice and the Supreme Court.

However there 2 most major players that stand in the way. They are the COVID-19 Pandemic and the American voter.

On this matter, it is true that the President has managed to bend to his political will parts of important and relevant national institutions like the Department of Health and Human Services, the Center for Decease Control and Prevention, the Food and Drug Administration, the National Institute of Health and the United States Postal Service. The pandemic itself however, knows no master of his kind.

Also, the determined American voter is yet to be heard at the ballot box. It is that determination that, in the final analysis, will see our democracy through this.

I remember that in my childhood as a farm worker, elections were a distant drum for others to play. That was the role of my grandfather who, as part of a church service, collected enough money to pay the required 3 dollar Poll Tax in the State of Texas.

Although he was just one person, there was always an unspoken feeling that he represented all of us. He enfranchised our family in an American democracy that we embraced without understanding its intent and power.

Now there is no longer the excuse of ignorance and barriers that we can overcome. We understand that the vote is fundamental to self-government by a people.

Colorado has a voter-friendly system. Registered voter have the option to mail in or take the vote envelope to a secure deposit box.

If not, then plan to go to the voting site early with all thing needed like an ID, a mask, a coat, a disinfectant and other things of comfort while waiting in line. Also, don’t feel that your vote does not count because it does not only when you do not vote.





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