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Week Of Special Interest 10/02/20
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By La Voz Staff

Human remains found in Saguache County

Human remains were discovered by hikers in an area near an abandoned mine in a remote location in Saguache County on Friday, October 2, 2020.

Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI) agents from its Grand Junction regional office have been requested by the Saguache County Sheriff’s Office to investigate the remains to determine the identification of the person as well as the cause of death.

The remote location is in the western part of the county near the Hinsdale County line.

Based on the condition of the remains, it appears the body has been in the area for quite some time.

An autopsy is scheduled with the Saguache County Coroner.

The CBI indicates there is no evidence that connects this case with the Suzanne Morphew investigation at this time.

COVID-19 outbreak at GEO Immigrant Detention Facility

Aurora Fire Chief, notified Aurora City Council about a COVID-19 outbreak at the GEO Immigrant Detention facility. The report alerted of at least 19 confirmed positive cases.

Aurora City Council Members were able to obtain this information thanks to an ordinance passed in 2019 that requires any city detention center to notify the Fire Chief of any infectious outbreak within 48 hours of discovery. Colorado People’s Alliance was able to push this ordinance forward following previous chickenpox and mumps outbreaks.

Alison Coombs, Aurora City Council Member and member of COPA states “This outbreak underscores the need for greater oversight at this facility and the release of those detained in light of COVID-19. Safety should be the number one priority at all times, and this pandemic presents a clear danger to health and safety of those who are at GEO”

COPA, alongside other community organizations have been pushing for oversight increase at the Aurora detention center for the past couple of years. Fears of a COVID-19 outbreak have been present since the pandemic began, when we saw some folks test positive. Extreme concern followed the recent report on the huge number of new positive cases.

Lizeth Chacón, Executive Director at COPA, states “The Aurora GEO facility continues to show that they are incapable of keeping those in our community who are detained safe. There have been numerous reports from people we have been organizing with about medical neglect and this latest news clearly reflects the danger our folks are in. We demand GEO to release as many folks as possible on humanitarian parole and ensure that those who are sick receive the proper medical care”

Colorado People’s Alliance will continue to monitor the situation and connect with people inside of the facility to ensure their health and safety.

Our Government

White House

Since his diagnosis of contracting COVID-19 last Friday, President Donald Trump left Walter Reed Hospital yesterday. White House Communicaitons has announced that President Trump is working from an office in the White House basement and continues his quarantine for the next several days. His health condition is reported as improving and continues to be treated by White House medical staff.

Colorado Governor

Governor Jared Polis visited Grandview Elementary School, hearing from students, teachers and staff about their COVID-19 protocols for in-person learning. The Governor announced the State in partnership with the State Emergency Operations Center and Colorado Department of Education has delivered 1.1 million medical-grade KN-95 masks to every school district for staff who work directly with students.

Denver Mayor

Denver City Council at their Oct. 5 meeting approved the Hancock Administration proposal to inject another $1 million into the relief fund to aid Denver residents who have lost their jobs, but do not qualify for federal and state assistance amid the economic fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The federal response to COVID-19 has left countless workers behind, including many in our city’s restaurants, hotels, venues and other industries who did not qualify for other aid programs,” Mayor Michael B. Hancock said. “This additional funding will keep our local fund going to help those still struggling through this pandemic.”





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