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A week in review 10/07/20
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By Joseph Rios


Flights banned above Grand Renaissance Dam
- All flights over a $4.8 billion dam being built on a tributary of the Nile River have been banned by Ethiopia’s civil aviation authority. The dam has led to disputes with Egypt and Sudan, countries who fear the dam will reduce access to their water. Ethiopia’s air force recently warned that it is ready to defend the dam. Ethiopia’s civil aviation authority said it’s common for the country to ban flights above major projects.

Kenyan lions die in traps - Three lions in Kenya died at the country’s Masai Mara National Park after being trapped in snares laid out by hunters. Other animals including four hyenas and one eland were also killed. The snares were laid out to try to catch bushmeat. Authorities in the park are working on clearing out the site of other traps. In 2017, researchers found that there are 2,000 lions left in Kenya.


New India COVID-19 test
- Scientists in India have developed a paper-based COVID-19 test that can give fast results that mirror the quickness of a pregnancy test. The test would cost $6.75 and could be the first paper-based COVID-19 test in the world. Around 2,000 patients were tested, including residents who are currently sick with the virus. Scientists found that the test had 96 percent sensitivity and detection in almost everyone who has had the disease.

Tasmanian devils reintroduced in Australia - For the first time in 3,000 years, Tasmanian devils have been reintroduced into the wild in Australia. Groups released 26 of the animals into a sanctuary north of Sydney. Tasmanian devils are still living in the state of Tasmania, but the number of animals alive have dropped over the past 20 years. The animal is considered endangered and do not pose a threat to humans or agriculture.


Paris closes bars
- On Tuesday, the French government closed all bars, gyms and swimming pools for two weeks in an effort to slow the spread of COVID-19. Restaurants can still be open if they are following strict regulations as France reported 12,565 cases of COVID-19 on Sunday. French officials encouraged its residents to work from home. Cases in the country have been growing rapidly since late August.

Jewish man attacked in Germany - Officials took a 26-year-old Jewish man to a hospital with severe head injuries after he was attacked with a shovel when he was entering a synagogue in Germany. The attacker was arrested, and authorities are treating the case as attempted murder with anti-Semitic intent. Recently, German Chancellor Angela Merkel warned of rising anti-Semitism in the country. In 2019, there were more than 2,032 anti-Semitic offenses recorded in Germany.

Latin America

Cases continue to rise in Argentina
- As Peru has seen a drop in COVID-19 deaths and cases, only one Latin American country continues to see a rise in cases, Argentina. Last Friday, the country reported 14,687 infections and is on its way to pass 800,000 cases this week. Argentina imposed a strict lockdown early in the pandemic but has since loosened restrictions. Health experts believe there could be more cases in the country than what has been reported.

Child marriages could rise in Latin America because of pandemic - The charity Save the Children warned that the pandemic could lead to an increase in child marriages around the world. Areas most vulnerable to child marriages include parts of Latin America, Africa and South Asia. The pandemic could increase child marriages because of an increase in poverty, leading to girls out of school and into work or marriage. Nearly 12 million girls are victims to early marriage every year.

North America

Trump’s COVID-19 car ride
- President Donald Trump took a trip on Sunday in a vehicle with rolled up windows to drive by his supporters as he fights COVID-19. He wore a mask, but doctors have said he may have endangered Secret Service staff in the car. Trump was discharged from Walter Reed hospital on Monday and said he is feeling well.

Weinstein charged with six new sexual assault charges - Film mogul Harvey Weinstein has been charged with six more counts of sexual assault. The alleged incidents occurred 10 years ago as Weinstein now faces 11 sexual assault charges in Los Angeles County. Earlier this year, he was sentenced to 23 years in prison for rape and sexual assault. In March, Weinstein said he tested positive for COVID-19 in a New York prison.





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