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A week in review 04/07/21
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By Joseph Rios


Dozens of dead dolphins wash up in Ghana
- Authorities in Ghana are working to solve what killed more than 60 dolphins that have washed up on the country’s beaches. Samples are being taken for laboratory analysis. Some of the dolphins were removed by people who intend to sell their meat. Earlier this year, 111 dolphins were found dead in Mozambique.

The Weeknd donates to Ethiopians in conflict - Pop star The Weeknd will donate $1 million to Ethiopians who are in conflict in Tigray. Millions of people have been left homeless due to fighting between the Ethiopian army and the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF). The conflict started when Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed sent troops to Tigray after accusing the TPLF of attacking a government military base.


India daily COVID-19 cases hit 100,000
- India passed 100,000 daily COVID-19 cases on Sunday. It became the second country after the United States to report 100,000 new cases in one day. Officials have pointed to people being less cautious and mixed messaging by the government as factors for the country’s high case numbers. India has given out 80 million vaccine doses so far.

Japan’s cherry blossom season peaks early - Japan’s cherry blossom season peaked on March 26. That is the earliest the season has peaked at in 1,200 years. Parts of the country are experiencing a warm spring this year, and experts noted early flowering was likely caused by climate change. The cherry blossom season is the traditional sign of spring in Japan.


COVID tests to be offered twice a week in England
- Residents in England will be given access to two rapid COVID-19 tests a week. The tests can provide results in 30 minutes and will be offered at testing sites and pharmacies. Meanwhile, the country may soon see non-essential shops reopen and pubs and restaurants start serving outdoors as soon as April 12.

Paris investigating secret dinner parties - As France navigates through its third lockdown caused by the virus, police are investigating alleged underground dinners and parties in Paris. Videos of people in Paris gathering for dinner with no masks were recently released on social media. In the video, a waiter can be heard saying that the people who gather for the dinners don’t wear masks, and when they enter the building, “there’s no more COVID.”

Latin America

Honduras President’s brother to serve life in prison
- Juan Antonio Hernandez, brother of Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernandez, will serve life in prison for drug trafficking. He was found guilty in October of 2019 for smuggling tons of cocaine into the United States. Hernandez bribed law enforcement officials and was also complicit in at least two murders, according to prosecutors. He had served as a member of Congress from 2014 to 2018.

More than 66,000 people died of COVID in Brazil last month - As Brazil recorded 66,570 people died from COVID-19 in March, President Jair Bolsonaro again criticized local governors and mayors for lockdown measures. Daily deaths from the virus in Brazil account for nearly a quarter of all COVID-19 deaths in the world. Brazil has had four different health ministers since the pandemic began.

North America

MLB moves All-Star game to Colorado
- The MLB’s 2021 All-Star game and Draft will no longer take place in Georgia due to a restrictive voting law in the state. Instead, the game will be held at Coors Field in Denver this July. Georgia’s new voting law, restricts ballot access by placing limits on absentee voting, shortening periods for run-off elections and bans giving food or water to people woth are waiting in lines to vote.

Police officer dies at U.S. Capitol - William “Billy” Evans a member of the Capitol Police for 18 years, was killed after an attack took place in Washington DC. Reports say that a car crashed into a security barrier. After the crash, the driver lunged toward officers with a knife. Officers opened fire and the suspect was shot dead. It is believed the attack was not terrorist-related.





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