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Unexpected ‘green’ options for shoppers
(Photo courtesy: Mile High Flea Market)

By Bertha Velasquez

The word ‘green’ oftentimes conjures up an image of tossing an empty water bottle in the recycling bin, cleaning up the neighborhood park, fuel-efficient vehicles or even the heated argument involving climate change. However, there is a readily accessible way for all to join in the movement in a practical, cost-effective yet oftentimes overlooked manner — shopping.

If you are looking to make your next purchase whether it is for your home, office or closet, look no further than your local thrift shops, consignment stores, garage sales and the flea market. All are great options for shoppers looking to get a great deal on a variety of products without having to spend big bucks, but still helping the environment along the way.

Thanks to their affordable prices — and a shout out in the hit song by the same name by rapper and producer Macklemore and Ryan Lewis — shoppers are turning to thrift shops to get a bang for their buck. You can get a top selling novel for less than fifty percent of the original price, dining set, affordable clothing, home electronics among other items for sale. People looking for ways to rid themselves of their unused items also feel good about donating those items to places that help out their church or hire the disabled. Check out your local Arc Thrift Stores (, Savers (, Goodwill ( and the Salvation Army (

Consignment stores, which are somewhat similar to thrift shops, give people an opportunity to sell their products to these shops and make a percentage of the final selling price. Not only are you giving your clothing, or other items depending on the type of consignment store, a second opportunity, but you are also making a little cash along the way. My Best Friend’s Closet ( and Plato’s Closet ( are just some of your options.

Garage sales are also a great option for consumers and sellers alike. Garage sales are usually held during the weekend and are available in your own neighborhood or across town. So take a stroll down your neighborhood streets; you may find what you least expected to find, or if you are planning on finally getting rid of that old thingamajig taking up space in your attic, shed or garage, put it up for sale at your next garage sale. You can make a little green by being green.

A pillar of the community that is helping shoppers achieve a balance between sustainability and commerce is the Mile High Flea Market ( Located at 7007 East 88th Ave. in Henderson, Coloradans from all over come here to shop for clothing, foods, jewelry, household appliances, outdoor equipment and so much more.

“Mile High Flea Market sellers help the environment when selling their used goods! Our average seller makes from $500 to $1,000 per day and, on top of the economic benefit, their unused items go to someone that needs them instead of ending up in a landfill,” affirmed Rob Sieban, Mile High Flea Market CEO.

By shopping at these places, you lower the carbon footprint involved in manufacturing these products and give others an opportunity to utilize what ever it is you no longer want or need.





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