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A week in review - 5/28

By Staff


United States deploys troops to Chad: The United States has deployed 80 troops to Chad in search of the kidnapped Nigerian schoolgirls. The Pentagon spokesman said that the troops are not combat troops. The troops are being sent to Chad because it’s “a great location” geographically according to the Pentagon spokesman. A predator drone will also be used in the search for the girls.

Bomb blasts off in Nigeria: A bomb blasted in Kano, Nigeria on Sunday, killing four people. The blast occurred at a busy intersection in a Christian area of the city leaving several cars burning.


North Korea fires at South Korea ship: North Korea fired at least two shells near a traveling South Korean high-speed patrol boat in the Yellow Sea. The shells landed 650 feet away from the boat. No casualties or property was damaged. The South Korean Defense Ministry fired back “several rounds of shells.”

Terrorist attack occurs in China: Dozens of people were killed in China after a terrorist attack. The U.S. called the attack an “outrageous act of violence against innocent civilians. Thirty-one people were killed and 90 were wounded.


Putin warns of Ukraine civil war: On Sunday Ukraine is scheduled to vote for a new president. Russian President Vladimir Putin said his government will respect the will of the Ukrainian people, but he also stated that Russia will closely monitor events. He also warned of a possible “dangerous civil war.”

Cargo train near Moscow derails: A cargo train near Moscow derailed and crashed into a passenger train. Several passengers were killed and dozens were injured.

Latin America

Bus catches fire in Colombia: A bus carrying children burst into flames in Colombia killing 32 people. Thirty-one of those were children. Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos expressed his sympathy on Twitter and traveled to be with victims of the accident.

Colombia presidential election takes a new twist: As Columbia prepares for their presidential election a new twist occured. Leading presidential candidate Oscar Ivan Zuluaga recently saw a video published by the weekly news magazine “Semana” that shows the candidate getting secret military information from a man who was arrested earlier this month. The man has also been accused of illegal hacking activities.

North America

Sterling prepares to sell Clippers: After Donald Sterling’s racist remarks were made public, NBA commissioner Adam Silver stated in a press conference that Sterling must sell the Los Angeles Clippers. Both Donald and his wife Shelly Sterling have agreed to a voluntary sale of the team. Sterling is also banned from the NBA.

New electric chair law passed in Tennessee: Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam signed a law that requires the use of an electric chair if lethal drugs are not available. Tennessee has become the only state to make electrocution mandatory. The electric chair is used in other states, but it is only an option. Drugs for lethal injections are currently in short supply.

Castro’s HUD nomination: President Barack Obama nominated San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro to be his next secretary of Housing and Urban Development on Friday, May 23.

Fatal rampage in Santa Barbara: A 22-year-old former Santa Barbara City College student fatally stabbed three men in his apartment before going on a shooting spree, ultimately killing six, four males and two females, and wounding thirteen. The assailant had a history of mental illness and was seeking help before his rampage. It is suspected that the rampage was planned for years but he gave notice just minutes before his spree began.





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