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Sam’s Club executive shines
(Photo courtesy: Carlos Doubleday)

By Pauline Rivera

Carlos Doubleday is not your ordinary Hispanic by any means. His Honduran father and Cuban mother raised Doubleday and a younger sister in New Orleans. Following high school, he attended Nichols College for a short period of time, but joined the Walmart Corporation, specifically, Sam’s Club at the age of 19.

Since then, Doubleday has worked in many positions ranging from an hourly rate job, to team leader, assistant manager, co-manager, general club manager, to his current position of Vice President of Operations. He and his wife have moved 20 plus times, to include his first job in New Jersey, to other locations, like Puerto Rico and McAllen, Texas. Doubleday is also fluent in Spanish.

His tenure with Sam’s Club covers 28 years dating back to 1986. A big advocate of Sam Walton’s “Save money, live better,” Doubleday believes the Sam’s Club products deliver on the save money portion of their mission statement and “live better” covers the community involvement and outreach.

Sam’s Club is in over 640 locations nationwide. Asked how an increasing Latino population affects Sam’s Club’s vision, Doubleday responds: “From a business perspective and the offerings we have for members, understanding that the Hispanic population is the fastest growing population, and in 2050 will be the majority, we realize how important the Hispanic member is to our company. Both Sam’s Club and Walmart keep a close eye on items and the competition.” Walmart and Sam’s Club locations are strategically placed in high Hispanic locations across the country. “We want to know we are the leader, especially in marks with a high Hispanic population – (i.e. example McAllen and Chicago).” Asked how Sam’s Club addresses employment within the Hispanic community, Doubleday said, “Employment is addressed in many different ways, such as on campus recruiting, college recruiting.” Through a program called Mi Futuro, Sam’s Club reaches out to schools in Hispanic communities. Doubleday is adamant about advising youth “never underestimate yourself, and don’t let others underestimate your capabilities. I believe our organization is doing a great job in recruiting the best talent.”

Sam’s Club and Walmart are not without their own problems and recent media coverage shows the corporation at odds with former and current employees disputes. Doubleday adds: “We work hard to help the middle class with jobs and career opportunities, extended training, education, and workforce development, information and investing in new general manufacturing – U.S. made products. It’s not just about raising the minimum wage, but in the U.S. alone, 170,000 (employees) are promoted each year, 40 percent or better are after one ore more year with the company. Seventy-five percent started on hourly jobs.”

Doubleday did not complete a college education but hard work and persistency earned him a top spot in one of the country’s Fortune 500 companies. He advocates for education, however and said, “Get your degree, there are several stories like mine at Walmart and Sam’s Club. A 19 year-old starting with an hourly wage, and 28 years later working for a Fortune 500 company. It is important to build your brand and reputation today, in every day of your life. Performance is important in any business today, and the ability to corroborate with suppliers and customers, plus having great leadership skills and the ability to listen. Young people should be very proud to earn their degree.

Asked how a busy man like Doubleday gets his daily news, he responds, “I read a lot – instant publications and newspapers like La Voz.”

Doubleday and his wife have four children, Carlos, Jr. 27, Erika, 25, Paulina, 19 and Sarah, 12. He adds, “I tell my children, Dad’s very fortunate, I received a great opportunity.”





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