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Polly Baca at 2016 DNC Convention
Sheila Lieder, Polly Baca and Madeleine Albright, the first woman Secretary of State. (Photo courtesy: Polly Baca)

By Polly Baca

What an amazing spiritual experience at the 2016 Democratic National Convention. How could you have a spiritual experience at a political convention? Let me tell you the ways.

Throughout the convention, love was encouraged – not hate – as all spiritual and religious leaders teach. It was evident in the signs, love trumps hate, in the songs, What the World Needs Now is Love (sweet love), and in Hillary Clinton’s speech as she advocated for more love and kindness and policies that help middle and low-income Americans.

It was uplifting to hear the leaders of our country talk about how we work together to address our problems. It was emotional to see the mothers of children who were gunned down talk of addressing the problems of gun violence without hate. It was powerful to listen to military leaders call for peaceful solutions to our country’s needs.

This was the 14th Democratic National Convention that I have attended – and the only one that had a spiritual focus. The first was the 1964 DNC Convention when I was a Young Citizen for Johnson – and regretted that I was not able to attend the 1960 Convention that nominated the first Roman Catholic for President, John Kennedy. Never would I have imagined that I would attend the 2008 DNC Convention that would nominate the first African American for President, Barack Obama, and now the historic nomination of the first woman for President, Hillary Clinton. What an amazing journey. This 2016 Convention was a spiritual experience with the potential of being one of the most consequential events of my lifetime.

On the first day of the Convention, the work of both the Clinton and Sanders campaigns was evident in the relative ease of adopting the Rules, Credentials and Platform Reports. That was topped off by the heartfelt speech of First Lady Michelle Obama. On the second day of the Convention, at the end of the roll call vote, it was inspiring to see Sen. Bernie Sanders move to suspend the rules and nominate his rival for President of the United States. Then President Bill Clinton warmed the hearts of us all with his recollections of life with Hillary.

On the third day you had to be in the hall early, before the Fire Marshall or Secret Service shut down access to the hall. The reward for being early was an amazing evening filled with uplifting, inspiring, motivational speeches first by Vice President Joe Biden, followed by Sen. Tim Kaine and clinched by President Barack Obama.

Finally, the big prize – the historic acceptance by a woman of a major political party’s nomination for President of the United States. Hillary Clinton topped off the evening with an enthusiastic charge to us all in this critical election year. She outlined the challenges facing our country and our world. Our choices could not be more juxtaposed to one another.

Cast your vote on Election Day. Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, not a hard choice.





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