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A Week in Review 12/21/2016
Photo courtesy: ELEGANCE Facebook

By La Voz Staff


Nigerian church found with structural issues - The Nigerian church that collapsed and killed multiple people is believed to have had structural issues and had no building permit. Authorities reported that they demanded for construction of the church to stop on multiple occasions. Those involved in building the church have been asked to turn themselves in. There are conflicting reports of how many people were killed. Some media outlets reported that 29 people died, while others report that more than 160 were killed.

Militants kill soldiers in Burkina Faso - Burkina Faso lost 12 soldiers during an attack by Islamic militants. The soldiers were defending Burkina Faso’s border, an area where multiple Islamic groups are present. No group has claimed responsibility for the attack, but al-Qaeda is notorious for carrying out attacks on Western African countries. The attack was called “the biggest jihadist attack” ever against the Burkina Faso army. It is unknown how many troops were injured during the attack.


Myanmar military accused of human rights violations - Amnesty International has released a report concluding that the Myanmar military may be responsible for crimes against humanity. The allegations revolve around violence against the Rohingya Muslim minority group. Amnesty International has accused the Myanmar military of killing, raping, torturing and looting the Rohingya Muslim community. The Myanmar military has denied the allegations and said it is executing anti-terrorist raids.

Indonesian aircraft crashes - An Indonesian Air Force plane crashed and killed all 13 people who were on board. Agus Supriatna, a high ranking official in Indonesia’s Air Force, said that bad weather may have caused the crash. The aircraft was carrying food supplies from Timika to Wamena. The victims’ bodies as well as remains of the airplane were located by rescuers. Amongst those who died were three pilots and 10 other members of the Indonesian military.


Young boy allegedly found with explosives - Prosecutors in Germany have accused a 12-year-old boy of trying to blow up a Christmas market. The child allegedly left a sack with explosives that didn’t detonate then authorities discovered another explosive device shortly after. The child is currently under custody and he is believed to have connections to the Islamic State group. Prosecutors are not planning to carry out formal proceedings because he is below the age of criminal responsibility.

Poland announces restrictions on journalists - Protests in Warsaw have continued for days in response to the government’s new media restrictions. The Polish government is set to restrict journalist’s access to parliament. Polish journalists met with the Speaker of the Upper House of Parliament to create dialect between both sides over the new rules. Polish Prime Minister Beata Szydlo called those protesting the new rules “scandalous.” The Polish government said they believe the new rules are fair and unrestrictive.

Latin America

Brazilian cities protest over new bill - Protests in Brazil flared up in 15 different cities in response to the country’s Senate approving a 20-year austerity plan. The plan is a constitutional amendment that will limit federal investment in social programs for 20 years. The plan is known as PEC 55 and the bill was approved in a 53 to 16 vote. Brazil’s government is hopeful that PEC 55 will end the country’s recession.

Brazil mourns Evaristo Arns - Arns, was loved by Brazilians for his stance against the country’s military government has died. Arns’ casket was carried to Sao Paulo Catherdral. His funeral was attended by hundreds of people and was broadcast live on national TV. Arns was known for supporting the poor and served as Cardinal Archbishop in Sao Paulo. Brazilian President Michel Temer said that the country lost someone who defended democracy.

North America

North Carolina Governor sets restrictions - During the elections Democrat Roy Cooper defeated North Carolina governor Pat McCrory. McCrory, the Republican governor, has taken measures to reduce the power of North Carolina’s new governor. McCrory introduced new reforms including laws that will limit the number of people Cooper can bring into his team. The new reforms will also prevent Cooper from shaping election boards. Protests sparked throughout the state in response to McCrory’s moves, and 16 people were arrested.

Minnesota football team ends protest - The University of Minnesota’s football team has ended its protest. The football team was protesting the suspension of 10 players who were suspended over an alleged sexual assault case. The players were allegedly involved in the assaulting of a woman in September. Police have not arrested or charged any of the suspended players. The team decided to end its protest when the university promised that the suspended players would receive a fair hearing.





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