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2016 Mile High sports in review
La voz Photo: by Daryl Padilla

By Brandon Rivera

Denver Broncos - This week marks the last week of 2016 and the end of an unexpected close to the Denver Broncos season. The Broncosí high point was just less than a year ago when they beat the Carolina Panthers in the historic Super Bowl 50. Von Miller was being praised as the most effective pass rusher in recent decades and likely the reason for Denverís success aside from their phenomenal corner coverage. Denver was high on the Super Bowl win and they seemed to carry that same high into the 2016 regular season with 4 straight wins before losing to the Atlanta Falcons. While many speculated that Denver could have a repeated a Super Bowl appearance, Denver seemed to take a turn for the worse after the halfway point.

By week 14 and Denverís loss to the Tennessee Titans it was apparent that Denver wasnít in the same class of elite teams as they had been in 2015. While itís a hard pill to swallow for the Blue and Orange alum it also reminds us of the fierce competition the AFC West holds and how anyone of the AFC West teams can be knocked off the throne. Despite the phenomenal season, division rivals, the Oakland Raiders have had this year, Raider fans were left speechless after Raiders quarterback Derrick Carr was helped off the field with a broken fibula (required immediate surgery) in their win against the Indianapolis Colts. Although they are in the playoffs, their hopes and dreams were dashed in one play, while Denver fans hopes and dreams became a reality on Christmas Day.

University of Colorado Buffs - The University of Colorado (CU) Buffs have given the people of Colorado something to cheer about with their first trip to a Bowl game in nearly a decade, when CU lost to Alabama in the Independence Bowl in 2007. CU is set to face Oklahoma State on December 29th, in San Antonio at the Alamo Bowl. This will mark CUís first successful season as part of the Pac 12 since moving from the Big 10. CUís success this season is a huge plus for the schoolís recruitment program which will likely bring some big talent to Boulder in the upcoming years.

Colorado Rockies - The Rockies have flown virtually unnoticed another year, and they have failed to establish half the success they generated in the 2007 season when they made their push to the Fall Classic. The Rockies have prided themselves in the belief of home grown players through their farming system (Minor League) and have had some success in doing so. However, the players who tend to make a name for themselves tend to get traded. It almost seems like Colorado is growing players for the remainder of the League. We call this a management flaw. The recent hiring of General Manager, Bud Black could pave the way to a winning team. Either way, it will likely be sometime before fans get to indulge in the success of a great baseball team in Denver.

Denver Nuggets - The Nuggets have had similar success, however they have yet to be competitive enough to say they made it past the first round in the playoffs, let alone getting to the Championship series. And if the Nuggets havenít been at a disadvantage for decades, they certainly are even more so now, with Kroenke Sports placing all their attention on the needs of a certain professional NFL team which made its way to one of the largest markets in football. Letís hope that this translates to some trickle-down opportunities for the Nuggets.Colorado Avalanche - The Colorado Avalanche experienced one of its worst seasons in 2016. Coach and former Avs goalie, Patrick Roy stepped down as coach and was replaced by Jared Bednar.

Colorado Rapids - The Colorado Rapidsí 2016 record registered 15 wins and 6 losses, The Rapids announced their 2017 season home opener against New England Revolution at Dickís Sporting Goods Park on March 4, 2017.





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