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Good-bye to Coach Gary Kubiak
Photo courtesy: Eric Lars Bakke/Denver Broncos

By Brandon Rivera

The New Year begin with a bittersweet season ending with the Denver Broncos beating the Oakland Raiders at home on Sunday, but also losing their beloved Coach Gary Kubiak. Denver’s offensive performance on Sunday had flashes of promise in their last game of the season and although Denver tends to play tough against division rivals, Sunday’s game was an awesome parting gift for Coach Kubiak.Kubiak announced his retirement on Monday after soul-searching his continued position as Denver’s coach and battling ongoing health problems.

Denver went into Sunday’s game as the spoiler, with nothing to gain and nothing to lose. Oakland however, had an opportunity to gain some significant momentum heading into the playoffs since losing their quarterback Derrick Carr. Carr left last week’s game with a broken fibula and will be out the remainder of the playoffs. Carr’s departure was felt in Sunday’s game as Denver dominated on both sides of the ball. The Oakland Raiders could have tied up a first seed position with a win over Denver, a New England Patriots’ loss and a Kansas City loss. Another scenario, which would have given them the #2 seed, was an Oakland win with a Kansas City loss and a New England win. However, neither of those scenarios materialized for Oakland as they fell to the Denver Broncos 24-6. 

The Kansas City Chiefs are now the AFC West Champions and the #2 seed while the New England Patriots are the #1 seed in the AFC and the Oakland Raiders have fallen all the way to the #6 Wildcard position and will face off against the Houston Texans in the Wild Card Division. Both the Chiefs and the Patriots have earned a bye in the first round and will play the winners of the Wildcard rounds with the Dolphins squaring off against the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Raiders against the Texans. 

Sadly for fans, John Elway and the Broncos are tasked to find Kubiak’s replacement. Additionally Denver’s contract with most of the offensive coaching staff will be expiring this off-season as well as Defensive Coordinator Wade Phillips’ contract. Phillips has expressed his desire to stay in Denver, but it’s still unclear whether or not he will be returning next season.

In other sports local boxer and upcoming sensation Stevie Marquez is scheduled for 6 rounds at the Glitter Dome Event Center against New Mexican Daniel Calzada for the Rocky Mountain Region Title. Both fighters are coming off winning stretches and are likely to give spectators their money’s worth January 14th at the Glitter Dome Event Center at 3600 Wynkoop, the RINO district of downtown Denver.





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