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A Week in Review 01/18/17
Photo courtesy: Ringling Bros Facebook and Pardi de Clown Facebook

By Joseph Rios


Hindu festival turns deadly - Six women were killed in a stampede at a Hindu festival in India. The women were caught in a stampede when people rushed onto a jetty. Ten other people were injured and rescuers are searching for others who may have fallen into water. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed her condolences to the victims on Twitter and promised the families of the victims financial help.

Samsung chief’s possible arrest South Korea is preparing to decide the fate of Samsung chief Lee Jae-Yong. Lee is a suspect in the corruption scandal that led to the impeachment of President Park Geung-hye. Samsung is accused of giving donations to particular non-profit foundations that were operated by one of Park’s friends. Park allegedly offered Samsung government favors in exchange. South Korea’s special prosecutor will determine whether or not Lee will be arrested.


Ivory Coast, military reach agreement The two sides were at conflict due to a pay dispute. The Ivory Coast military was promised $19,300 for each of its 8,000 soldiers, but none of the money had been paid. Soldiers surrounded the building where the meeting took place and fired weapons in the air. Ivory Coast Defense Minister Alain-Richard Donwahi was held hostage by the military prior to the meeting.

Gambian President refuses to step down - Gambian President-elect Adama Barrow will stay in Senegal until his inauguration. Barrow was requested to stay in Senegal by West African leaders after they met in Mali. Current Gambian President Yahya Jammeh is refusing to step down until the Supreme Court can hear his testimony. Ecowas, a regional block, wants the United Nations to approve military action if Barrow’s inauguration is blocked.


Ship carrying migrants sinks The Italian coastguard was able to recover eight bodies and rescue 4 people when a boat carrying them sunk. The boat was carrying about 100 migrants when it sunk in the Mediterranean Sea, off the coast of Libya. Authorities were not able to properly search for survivors due to poor weather conditions. Ninety people who were on the ship are still missing. Migrants traveling to Europe have been traveling by sea rather than by land since the migrant crisis in 2015.

Facebook to stop fake news in Germany - In an effort to combat fake news in Germany, Facebook has introduced new tools. The tools will help German users flag potential fake stories. After the stories are flagged a separate party will fact check the story. If parts of the story are fabricated then it will be marked as “disputed” when it pops up in news feeds. Facebook announced that it would take action against fake news in December. The move to combat fake news in Germany is the company’s first effort to stop the spread of fake stories.

Latin America

El Salvador goes 24 hours without murder - In 2017 El Salvador has seen an average of ten people murdered a day. However, the country recently went 24 hours without any murders, a rare occurrence in the country. According to the United Nations, El Salvador has one of the highest murder rates in the world. The violence in the country is usually caused by criminal gangs who are involved in drug trafficking, robbery and extortion.

Eighteen-year-old woman killed Alejandra Villanueva, was killed in the shooting in Playa de Carmen on Dec. 16. Villanueva was at the Blue Parrot nightclub when the shooter opened fire at 3 a.m. Her brother confirmed she was killed as people began to run out of the club. Villanueva was on vacation at an international electronic music festival.

North America

Ending the Greatest Show on Earth After more than 146 years of performance, The Ringling Bros. Circus is set to close. In a statement Kenneth Feld, the CEO of Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey, said “high operating costs and the decline of ticket sales made the circus an unsustainable business.” Ticket sales dropped when the Ringling Bros stopped using elephants in its performances. Before the show officially ends, the Ringling Bros will perform 30 shows across the country.

CIA Director warns Trump of Twitter use - In an interview with Fox News, CIA Director John Brennan warned President-elect Donald Trump to take caution when using his Twitter once he takes office. Brennan said when Trump speaks or when he reacts, consequences on the United States could be profound. Brennan also responded to a tweet in which Trump compared the CIA to Nazi Germany. Brennan said he found the tweet outrageous.





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