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Romance is alive and well

By Brandon Rivera

Thereís a belief thatís been circulating before the birth of Social Media, that romance and chivalry are dead. This author canít speak for anyone on this subject. In fact, Iím probably the last person anyone should confide in for relationship advice, Iím single. However, despite all the anti-relationship rhetoric and constant pomposity from both sides, this is what it boils down to...Romance isnít dead, itís just that your definition of it has been skewed.

Romance ainít what it use to be

With the fast-changing pace of technology and information that is disseminated over the Internet, romance or the idea of romance has since changed from your teenage love affair. Romance at some point may have consisted of an unexpected visit from your significant other for lunch or dinner with a fist full of flowers, whereas now it is not as costly or not as personal, because we might find our significant other posting forget-me-nots or love notes on your social media wall. Social media has given you global access and an instant love connection to your true love, but nothing says personal like picking up your love for a date, opening car doors, bringing a dozen roses, eating at a favorite restaurant, watching a movie, sharing a bottle of champagne and honest conversationóall defining and leading up to romance.

In my generation and those that follow, the above is mostly the exception, not the rule. So, itís no wonder why people believe romance to be dead.† And although what we see and hear over Social Media doesnít necessarily reflect the romance we see in our friendsí and familiesí lives, we tend to think we know just how well they are doing since a majority of their love life is on display for everyone to see. We still see romance alive and well everywhere around us, we just donít realize it.

Making time for romance

Itís easy to get caught up in the everyday grind and feel completely overwhelmed by our busy lives. Sometimes it feels like thereís not enough time in the day to accomplish what we set out to do each morning, which is another reason why so many believe romance to be dead. We just donít have time for it, so make the time. Designate a day out of the week to spend with your significant other.

Youíve been romancing and didnít even know it

The truth is, although romance has changed with the times, our understanding of it has also been skewed. We often associate flowers, shiny jewelry and expensive candle lit dinners with romance but itís so much more than what Valentineís Day, Hollywood and society has led you to believe.

Itís in the details and the little things that matter.

Have you ever given your husband the last piece pizza? Have the two of you sung ridiculously out of tune, in the car to music youíd never be caught dead singing anywhere else? Have you ever ordered takeout so that your significant other doesnít have to cook after a long and stressful day? Chances are youíve been romancing and didnít even realize it. There are so many more instances that may not seem significant over the period of a normal day but when you add them up, youíre a regular Cary Grant. (For those of you who donít know Grant, Google).

The truth is romance never died

It has changed a bit over time and we have redefined it. When you take a look back at your week, you may find hundreds of examples of romantic gestures from both you and your spouse/girlfriend/boyfriend. A sure proof that romance is NOT dead. Romance lives on forever through shared blankets, a favorite movie you can watch over and over again, a shared ice cream cone, a hug or kiss you were or were not expecting, a kind word when you need one, and aside from all the cosmetics that accompany romance, your loyalty, honesty, respect, compassion and understanding are a must.





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