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A Week in Review 02/08/17
Photo courtesy: Sara Hdv Facebook

By Joseph Rios


Gambia scraps four-day workweek New Gambian President Adama Barrow has introduced a five-day work week to the country. Gambia was under a four-day work week while Fridays were designated days for prayer. Although the country will have an extra workday, the work-week will be shorter by three and a half hours.

EU to reduce migrant flow from Libya Leaders of the European Union agreed to reduce the number of migrants allowed to emigrate from Libya. The UN-backed government in Libya will receive $215 million to fund its coast-guard. Numerous human rights groups have criticized the EU’s decision. Italy recently announced that it rescued over 1,750 migrants in the Mediterranean. The UN-backed government in Libya has shown in the past that it doesn’t have full control over its region.


UN accuses Myanmar of violating human rights - Myanmar security forces are under scrutiny after the UN accused them of severe human rights abuses. Amongst those accusations were details of gang-rape, beatings and child killing. The report was composed of interviews with more than 200 Rohingya refugees. The refugees fled from Myanmar to Bangladesh. Since violence in Myanmar has increased, nearly 65,000 Muslims have fled to Bangladesh.

U.S. addresses South Korea - While speaking in South Korea, U.S. Defense Secretary James Mattis said if North Korea uses nuclear weapons then the United States’ response would be “effective and overwhelming.” Mattis also said that the United States will deploy a missile defense system in South Korea this year. Mattis assured South Korea that the United States military remains committed to the area. North Korea recently said it has a missile capable of reaching the United States.


Norway targeted by Russian hackers The security service PST said that numerous institutions in Norway were targeted by hackers with connections to Russia. The hackers allegedly attacked the Labor Party, defense ministries and foreign ministries. Tension between Norway and Russia has recently grown. Norway chose Germany to deliver submarines to its navy in a move to toughen its military. Norway also recently complained to Russia when members of Norwegian parliament weren’t granted visas to travel to Russia.

Man who targeted French museum was from Egypt - According to French prosecutor Francois Molins, the man who tried to attack the Louvre Museum was from Egypt. The man entered the museum with a machete and was then shot by French soldiers. Authorities are investigating if the man was instructed to target the museum, or if it was a solo act. The man had no identity papers, but he received a one-month tourist visa in Dubai before traveling to Paris.

Latin America

New judge appointed to oversee the Car Wash case - Judge Edson Fachin was picked by Brazil’s Supreme Court to oversee the case involving the Car Wash investigation. The investigation is looking into a corruption ring involving high-ranking politicians and business executives. The politicians were allegedly involved in a bribery scheme. Fachin was chosen by former President Dilma Rousseff. Videos surfaced of Fachin campaigning for Rousseff during the Brazilian election. However, Fachin’s nomination was received positively.

Key hostage freed by rebels
The Colombian National Liberation Army rebels have released former congressman Odin Sanchez. Sanchez was seen as a key hostage and the move signifies a desire for peace talks with the Colombian government. President Juan Manuel Santos ordered for Sanchez to be released before he would conduct peace talks. In exchange for Sanchez’s release two Colombian National Liberation Army rebels were released from prison. The two sides are set to meet for peace talks in Ecuador.

North America

Trump conducts first military raid In his first military raid, President Donald Trump ordered a military raid in Yemen. The area targeted was a heavily defended Al Qaeda base. The raid resulted in the death of at least 15 women and children, as well as a U.S. Navy Seal. According to U.S. military officials, Trump approved the raid without enough intelligence, or ground support. The Obama administration was aware of the target, but decided not to raid the area for “operational reasons.”





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