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A Week in Review 02/15/17
Photo courtsy: Kevin Owens Facebook

By Joseph Rios


Kenya faces massive drought - Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta has declared a drought in the African nation. Kenyatta announced that the government will increase food handouts to communities that are suffering the most. The Kenyan Red Cross said 2.7 million people are facing starvation if more help isn’t offered. Kenyatta appealed for international aid and said the government allocated $105M in hopes of helping the Kenyan people. Kenya has suffered through a drought due to the El Nino weather pattern. El Nino is used to describe the warming of sea-surface temperatures in the Pacific Ocean.

Somalia elects new President - Former Prime Minister Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo has been elected as Somalia’s new President. Farmajo was elected as president by Somalia’s Parliament when former President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud dropped out of the election after the second round of voting. Farmajo’s victory was celebrated by gunfire in government-controlled areas in the country. The new Somalian President is a dual U.S.-Somali citizen and will be tasked with guiding one of the world’s poorest countries.


HIV outbreak leaves five ill - Five people in a Chinese hospital were infected with HIV when a staff member reused medical equipment. Authorities said a technician at the Hangzhou’s Zhejiang Province Hospital reused a tube that was previously used to treat someone with HIV. The hospital said that the HIV outbreak was an accident. Chinese health officials said that those infected with the outbreak would receive treatment and compensation.


Four arrested for terror plot in France During a police raid in Montpellier, France, authorities reported three men and a teenager had bomb-making materials in their possession. The materials were similar to those that were used during the Paris attacks in November 2015. Reports in France suggested that one of the suspects was plotting a suicide attack. It is unknown what the suspects’ target was, but French media reported that it is likely that a tourist site would’ve been targeted.

Farmer fined for housing migrants French farmer Cedric Herrou was fined for providing shelter to migrants in caravans on his farm. Herrou was issued a $3,200 fine for helping migrants cross the French-Italian border. Herrou said he will continue to help migrants and said he feels like it is a civic duty to do so. In front of a court, Herrou said he helped dozens of migrants because “there are people who have a problem.” Teenagers from Sudan and Eritrea continue to reside on Herrou’s property.

Latin America

Former Peru president wanted by authorities - Peruvian authorities are seeking any information that would lead them to former President Alejandro Toledo’s location. Toledo is wanted for allegedly taking $20M in bribes. Toledo is accused of receiving money from the Brazilian construction firm, Odebrecht. In return, Toledo awarded the construction company public works contracts. Toledo has repeatedly denied the allegations in numerous media interviews.

As police remain non-existent, deaths increase in Vitoria, Brazil - While police in the Brazilian city of Vitoria remain on strike, killings around the area have skyrocketed. According to a police union, at least 95 people have been killed in Vitoria. Police officers are on strike in the hopes of receiving higher salaries and more benefits. Vitoria citizens have described the environment around the city as lawless. At least 200 cars have been stolen and schools and local businesses have been forced to close. The state government stated that it cannot meet the police officer’s demands.

North America

Former U.S. National Guard soldier convicted - Mohamed Jalloh, who served as a U.S. National Guard soldier, has been convicted for supporting the Islamic State group. Jalloh pled guilty in October 2016 to giving the terror group material support. Jalloh also stated that he considered attacking U.S. soldiers. He first made contact with Islamic State members in Nigeria when he was on a six-month trip in Africa. With the court ruling, Jalloh became the 100th person in the U.S. to be charged with supporting the Islamic State since 2014.

Trump focuses on travel ban during press conference with Japan - During a joint press conference with Japanese Prime Minster Shinzo Abe, President Trump promised to add “additional security” in the United States in a rapid matter. Also, an appeals court recently ruled that the Trump administration didn’t present evidence to implement his travel ban. Following the court ruling, Trump took to Twitter to express his response by tweeting “SEE YOU IN COURT, THE SECURITY OF OUR NATION IS AT STAKE.” Since then, President Trump has decided to rewrite the Executive Order on the ban.





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