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A fond farewell to Demarcus Ware
Photo courtesy: Denver Broncos Facebook

By Brandon Rivera

Last week’s free agency started off quiet in Denver with no major announcements coming out of Dove Valley on its first day. Fans became uneasy as major announcements rippled across sports news media outlets and Denver remained silent, that is until day 2, when the Broncos picked up offensive tackle Menelik Watson from the Oakland Raiders, for a three-year deal which was the start of Denver’s fix of the offensive line. Although Watson was plagued with injuries last season and sidelined as a result, Denver’s brass thinks he’s an ideal fit for an already porous O-Line.  The Broncos continued their task of filling holes in the O-line by signing Ronald Leary of the Dallas Cowboys to a four-year deal. Leary will likely start right of Max Garcia, but has expressed his flexibility at playing left or right. 

While the Broncos have made significant moves to improve the offensive line they sure didn’t shy away from their bread and butter, by signing Domato Peko of the Cincinnati Bengals to a two-year deal along with Zach Kerr of the Indianapolis Colts in an effort to beef up Denver’s run defense which was nearly dead last season. Both signings bring size to the defensive line, a move pretty uncommon in Denver. 

Despite the much-needed additions to the offensive and the defensive line, those stories, though big to fans, wasn’t nearly as big as Demarcus Ware’s announcement of retirement at 34 years old and 12 seasons in the NFL. Ware who was picked up by the Broncos in the 2014 free-agency fire-bye that brought most of Denver’s explosive defense to the Mile High City, was the best book end for the quarterback harassing tandem opposite of Von Miller.  Just after his first season with the Denver Broncos, Demarcus Ware was able to accomplish something that eluded him for far too long in Dallas, the Lombardi Trophy and a Super Bowl ring. The Future Hall of Famer was a perfect fit in Denver and the other half of a cause that deprived NFL quarterbacks of sleep at night. Ware was a great leader in both Dallas and Denver and will likely go down as one of the best at his position. We will miss his athletic ability and overall nice guy presence.

In other sports the Denver Nuggets have remained heavy in the win column for the month of March with three straight wins over the Boston Celtics, the Sacramento Kings and the L.A. Lakers. Denver. Though plagued with injuries the Nuggets are still managing to win games, and in dominating fashion. Although Denver has been on a winning streak, they still have plenty of games to go before relenting to the post-season, where teams are still fighting for a chance to play. Portland who is all but two games behind the Nuggets, are the biggest threat to Denver’s chance at playing in the post-season .





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