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Nuggets on brink of elimination
LA VOZ Nueva photo by Daryl Padilla

By Brandon Rivera

The Denver Nuggets are in an all out battle with the Portland Trailblazers for the number 8 seed as the regular season end quickly approaches. Both teams have 8 games remaining and as of this writing both teams are set to face one another Tuesday night in Portland. Denver’s next five games are on the road bouncing from Portland (Trailblazers), to Charlotte (Hornets), to Miami (Heat), to New Orleans (Pelicans) and then on to Houston (Rockets) before coming back to Denver to host the Pelicans, Thunder (Oklahoma), Mavericks (Dallas) and wrapping up with the Thunder.

Portland on the other hand, has only two games on the road traveling to Minnesota (Timberwolves) and Utah (Jazz) all while hosting 7 of their 9 remaining at home starting with Denver. Although this seemingly gives the Trailblazers a significant advantage over Denver, you can’t sweep away Denver’s success in recent weeks of other post-season contenders. Denver’s schedule seems to be a bit less of a climb than Portland’s. However the travel ahead for the Nuggets could very well be the deciding factor for their post-season push.

In other sports, Colorado Golden Gloves inducted Joseph Armijo, Stevie Johnston and Cyrus “Cy” Garcia into the Colorado Golden Gloves Hall Of Fame over the weekend in Aurora at the Crown Plaza. The event was followed by the traditional Golden Glove tournament. Former champions “Mile High,” Mike Alvarado and Bradley Martinez were in attendance.

The Denver Broncos haven’t made much more of a splash in Free-Agency, and all the buzz about former Dallas Cowboy quarterback Tony Romo has seemingly come to an immediate halt as Dallas owner, Jerry Jones refused to release the veteran quarterback in an attempt to obtain trade value. Denver appeared to lose interest immediately as they would have likely pursued Romo had he been released into Free Agency. Many believed that the move by Jones was an attempt to prevent Romo from signing with the Houston Texans who recently traded their millions of dollars mistake, quarterback Brock Osweiler to the Cleveland Browns. Although Romo isn’t officially off Denver’s radar, it’s highly unlikely that Denver will press for a trade with Dallas before workouts begin.

Like 95 percent of the country, your NCAA basketball bracket likely blew up in the first week, but as of right now we have the 8 best of the Sweet 16. In the East, #4 Florida will take on #7 South Carolina; in the Mid-West, #1 Kansas will take on #3 Oregon; in the West, #1 Gonzaga will take on #11 Xavier; and in the South #1 North Carolina will take on #2 Kentucky. March Madness is alive and well and on its way to crown a new NCAA champion.





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