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A Week in Review 04/12/17
Photo courtesy: The White House photo

By Joseph Ríos


Protesters call for the removal of South African President - Large protests have begun in cities throughout South Africa calling for the removal of President Jacob Zuma. Protests broke-out in Cape Town, Durban and Pretoria. Zuma has found himself in controversy after he relieved the country’s finance minster Pravin Gordhan, from duties. Although there have been large amounts of protests, Zuma has been highly defended by numerous groups, including his own party.

Egypt’s president called for a three-month state of emergency - At least 44 people were killed and more than 100 more were injured in two Palm Sunday suicide attacks at Coptic Christian churches, each carried out by the ISIS terror group.Sunday’s first blast happened at St. George Church in the Nile Delta town of Tanta, where at least 27 people were killed and 78 others wounded, officials said.


North Korea comments on America’s missile attack - In response to the United States’ attack on Syria, a North Korean government spokesman said the attack “proves a million times over” that North Korea is right for developing nuclear weapons. The unnamed government spokesman called the attack an “intolerable act of aggression against a sovereign state.” North Korea has recently tested their nuclear program capabilities multiple times. The country claims their nuclear bombs are small enough to fit on a missile, but experts don’t believe the country’s nuclear weapon technology has advanced that far.

Girl displaying ape like traits found in Indian forest - Police in India are trying to identify a little girl found in a forest in Uttar Pradesh. Officers are scanning through lists of missing children in order to find the girl’s identity. The girl is believed to be between the ages of eight and 10 and she is unable to communicate. Doctors said she behaved in “monkey like” traits, such as walking on all fours. Officers discovered the girl playing with a pack of monkeys when they found her in the forest. It is unknown how long she had been in the forest.


UK foreign secretary cancels visit to Russia - After chemical weapons were used in Syria, UK foreign secretary Boris Johnson has canceled his visit to Russia. Johnson said he plans to focus on building global support for a ceasefire in Syria. Johnson called out Russia to work with the rest of the world to ensure that chemical warfare isn’t used again. The use of chemical warfare killed 33 people and 18 women in the town of Khan Sheikhoun. In response to chemical warfare, the United States carried out a missile attack on a Syrian air base that the country believes has chemical weapons.

Police investigating attack in Sweden Police in Sweden are investigating a device found in the truck that drove through a crowd in a department store. Police found the device under the driver’s seat, but it is unknown if the device is a bomb. The attack resulted in the death of four people, while 10 others are in the hospital. The suspect was well known to security and he is from Uzbekistan. Although officials were aware of the suspect, they perceived him as a “marginal character.”

Latin America

Uruguay to sell marijuana over the counter - Uruguay will become the first country in the world to sell marijuana over the counter. The new law was first introduced in 2013, but there have been hurdles for it to become official. When citizens purchase marijuana they will have to sign up on a national registry. The law will also allow citizens to grow marijuana at home. Uruguay’s government reached a deal with 16 pharmacies throughout the country and the law will take effect in July. Before the registry to purchase the drug begins, Uruguay will begin a public health campaign.

North America

Inmates found dead in South Carolina prison - Prison guards at Kirkland Correctional Institution in South Carolina found four inmates dead in a dorm. The spokesman for the prison said he asked law officials to investigate the inmates’ death. Information about the inmates’ death has not been revealed, but autopsies will be performed. The deaths didn’t “appear to be natural.” The prison currently holds over 15,000 prisoners and it has a history of violence. In 2016 three officers in the prison were charged with attempted murder after they stabbed an inmate.





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