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A Week in Review 05/03/17
Photo courtesy: Jawn Murray Facebook

By Joseph Rios


Thousands of people to be fired in Tanzania - Over 10,000 civil servants in Tanzania have been fired for fake education qualifications. Tanzanian President John Magufuli elected to fire the thousands of people after a government report revealed that employees lied about their qualifications. Tanzania’s education minister said that some of the civil servants used their relatives’ education certificates, while others had no education certificates on their records. The civil servants that were fired were asked to resign by May 15th, or they could be facing legal consequences.

Malaria vaccine to be tested - In an effort to combat malaria, the World Health Organization announced it will test the first malaria vaccine in 2018. The disease is spread through mosquitos and more than 429,000 people have died from the disease since 2015. According to the World Health Organization, deaths from malaria have dropped by 62 percent since 2000. However, particular areas in Africa are more likely to be exposed to the disease. The World Health Organization will hold trials of the vaccine in Ghana, Malawi and Kenya.


U.S. calls for China to use leverage against North Korea - While addressing the UN Security Council, United States Secretary of State Rex Tillerson called for the rest of the world to help force North Korea to end its nuclear weapons program. Tillerson targeted China in particular with his comments. He pointed out that China has leverage over North Korea because of its trade relations with the country. However, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said the solution to solving the North Korea issue doesn’t rest on China. Wang Yi also warned against military action and said it would only lead to bigger disasters.


EU not focused on UK trade deal - In a letter to 27 other European Union leaders, European Council President Donald Tusk said the EU’s future with the United Kingdom isn’t a priority. Instead, the EU will focus on an agreement with Ireland. If a deal isn’t reached there it could potentially be a “hard border” between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. The UK expressed its intentions to not delay trade talks, but talks will not occur until June 8th, after the UK general election.

France takes a stand - French Foreign Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault said there is “no doubt” that the Syrian government was responsible for the chemical weapons attack that occurred earlier in April. Ayrault said samples taken from a town in Syria matched other samples from previous chemical attacks in Syria. The Syrian government was supposed to give up its chemical weapons in 2013 to Western countries. The most recent chemical attack in the country left 89 people dead.

Latin America

Former Mexican governor detained After being on the run for six months, Javier Duarte de Ochoa has been detained in Guatemala. Previously Duarte de Ochoa served as the governor of Veracruz, Mexico and was accused of mishandling money from numerous funds, including education and security programs. Duarte was once referred to as an example of a less corrupt politician in the Institutional Revolutionary Party by Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto. Nieto is a member of the party as well.

North America

UN condemns Arkansas executions Arkansas’ plan to execute eight prisoners in an 11-day span has received backlash from multiple figures, including the United Nations. Officials from the United Nations said Arkansas was determined to execute the prisoners in such a short span because the injection drug being used is due to expire at the end of April. Kenneth Williams became the fourth person executed recently, but courts issued reprieves for the four other cases. Witnesses of Williams’ execution said his execution was “horrifying.”





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