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A Week in Review 05/10/17
Photo courtesy: FBI - Federal Bureau of Investigation

By Joseph Rios


Liberians suffering from unknown disease - According to the World Health Organization, 12 people have died in Liberia from an unknown disease. There have been 28 others, including children, who have become sick from the disease as well. People who have fallen ill from the disease have reported being dizzy, having headaches, diarrhea and vomiting. Health officials in the area are testing individuals and have asked others around the world to help identify the disease.

Nigeria President makes public appearance after health scare - Amongst speculation about his health, Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari made a public appearance at a mosque. Buhari had been reportedly resting and receiving medical treatment in London from an unknown illness. Buhari has been forced to miss three cabinet meetings and had not been seen in public for two weeks. Buhari’s spokesman said the Nigerian President is taking things slow. His wife said the state of his health has been over exaggerated.


North Korea accuses the U.S. of plot to kill Kim Jong-un - North Korea has publically accused the United States and South Korea of preparing an attack to kill Kim Jong-un. The country’s ministry of state security said that an individual named Kim was paid to kill North Korea’s leader with biochemical substances. The CIA has yet to respond to the accusation and South Korea has yet to release a statement either. The accusation comes at a time when tension between the United States and North Korea continue to elevate.

India military on the hunt for militants - Officials in India are on the search for militants in the Kashmir region. The search is in response to numerous attacks on security officials and banks in southern India. Officials are now occupying over 15 villages in search for militants. However, residents in the villages have not been welcoming to law officials. There have been reports of dozens of citizens throwing rocks at soldiers. India’s senior police official said it will be impossible to capture the militants.


France’s presidential election As France’s presidential elections come to an end, tension continues to escalate in the country. The two candidates, leftist Emmanuel Macron and far-right Marine Le Pen, have found themselves in an election that has divided France. Greenpeace activists hung a banner below the Eiffel Tower as a sign of protest. Security was also on alert when an alleged radical Islamist was arrested near Paris. The country has remained in a state of emergency since the Paris attacks in November 2015.

Wolf pack discovered in Denmark For the first time in more than 200 years, Denmark announced that it has its first pack of wolves. In 2011 a single wolf was discovered in Jutland. Now aerial images and DNA evidence has confirmed that a pack of wolves exist in the country. It is believed the wolves may have come from the Schleswig-Holstein area. Scientists believe more wolves will immigrate from Germany. Scientists are not disclosing where in Denmark the wolves are amidst fear that the public will scare them away.

Latin America

Mexican invents bra to detect breast cancer - Along with three other people, Julian Rios Cantu won an award for inventing a bra that can detect breast cancer. The Mexican native won the top award at the Global Student Entrepreneur Awards. Tumors that could be cancerous typically turn skin a different temperature because of elevated blood flow. The bra has sensors that measures temperatures that are then relayed to an app. The bra is described as being in the prototype stage.

Eight men jailed for plotting Olympics attack - After being arrested during the 2016 Rio Olympics, eight men have been imprisoned. The men were jailed for planning attacks at the Olympics and for promoting ISIS. All of the men are from Brazil and the leader, Leonid El Kadre de Melo, has been sentenced to prison for 15 years. The seven other men were sentenced to five years in prison. The men imprisoned were not members of ISIS, but law officials said they repeatedly tried to make contact with the terrorist group.

North America

U.S. says over 200,000 jobs added in April - The United States Department of Labor announced that the U.S. added 211,000 jobs in the month of April. Unemployment dropped from 4.5 percent in March to 4.4 percent in April. This figure is the lowest unemployment rate since May, 2007. With unemployment being the lowest it has been in ten years, the U.S. central bank may raise interest rates starting in June.

Uber under investigation - The popular transportation system Uber is being investigated by the United States government. Uber is accused of using the software “Greyball” to identify transportation officials (competition) and block them from scheduling a ride with Uber.





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