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A Week in Review 05/17/17
Photo courtesy: Moby Facebook

By Joseph Rios


WHO declares Ebola outbreak - Ebola has begun to spread again in the Democratic Republic of Congo, causing the World Health Organization to declare an outbreak. The organization said that at least one person has died from the disease in the north-eastern area of the country. The country hasn’t seen an Ebola outbreak since 2014. During this time the virus killed more than 40 people. The World Health Organization said the outbreak is a “public health crisis of international importance.”


U.S. - China reach new trade deal The United States and China have reached a new trade deal that will open the Chinese market to U.S. credit card companies. The deal will also see China lift its ban on U.S. beef imports and the country will accept U.S. shipments of natural gas. The United States will begin to accept Chinese cooked chicken and Chinese banks can now enter the American market. Trade talks between the countries started in April and the deal marks the first results the two countries have seen.

Suicide bomber kills 25 in Pakistan The Islamic State militant group carried out a suicide bombing attack that killed at least 25 people in Balochistan, Pakistan. It is believed the attack was targeting Senator Abdul Ghafoor Haideri. Haideri is the deputy chairman of Pakistan’s upper house. The suicide bombing also left 40 people injured. Haideri said he suffered minor injuries as well. The Islamic State targeted the area in November, 2016 and killed more than 50 people in the process.


UK believes sushi is linked with parasitic infections - English doctors in British Medical Journal Case Reports said the rising popularity of sushi in the Western hemisphere could be linked to rising parasitic infections. Doctors referred back to a case regarding a 32-year-old man to support their theory. The man was found with parasite larvae on his gut lining. Doctors suspected he was suffering from a disease called anisakiasis when the man reported he recently ate sushi. Anisakiasis is a disease caused by worms that invade the stomach, or intestines.

Macron moves on from the election - As France moves forward from their presidential election, French President-elect Emmanuel Macron selected 428 candidates for parliamentary elections. The candidates are diverse and 52 percent of them come from civil society. Half of the candidates are women. Macron will still need to elect 100 more candidates and his party said they are open to electing opposing party members. The candidates are diverse in age with the youngest one being 24 years old, while the oldest is 72.

Latin America

Venezuela cans Health Minister Venezuela’s Health Minister Antonieta Caporale has been removed from her position. The country’s health department released startling details regarding infant and maternal mortality. According to Venezuela’s health department, the number of women dying during childbirth increased by 65 percent while child deaths rose up to 30 percent. Venezuela hasn’t released statistics regarding infant and maternal mortality in two years. The report also suggested a rise in malaria and diphtheria. The country is currently facing shortages in food and vaccines and finds itself in an economic crisis.

Brazil declares end to national emergency - In November, 2015 Brazil declared a national emergency when the Zika virus made waves across the country. The virus peaked prior to the 2016 Summer Olympics and was linked to babies being born with small heads. Now the Brazilian government has declared an end to the national emergency with the number of Zika cases dropping by 95 percent between January and April. No deaths have been reported from the virus this year. At this time last year there were 170,535 cases of the virus reported, but this year there have only been 7,911 cases in the country.

North America

Sessions looks to “enforce the law” - U.S. attorney general Jeff Sessions addressed U.S. attorneys in a two-page memo. Sessions called for attorneys to “charge and pursue the most serious, readily provable offense.” Sessions said the memo called for more responsibility to “enforce the law with judgment and fairness.” Sessions has largely focused his role on cracking down on violence offenders and drug charges. The policy is a polar opposite compared to former President Obama’s policy which focused on reducing jail time for low-level drug crimes.





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