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A Week in Review 05/24/17
Photo courtesy: White House Photo

By Joseph Rios


Death toll rises after government-allied militia attack - The death toll on the Brak al-Shati airbase in Libya has risen to 140 people. The airbase was attacked by a government-allied militia that had its sites on conquering the base. The death toll was originally believed to have been 60 people. The United Nations is set to investigate the situation and it has suspended Libya’s defense minister and the commander of the militia. The attack mainly targeted soldiers of the Libyan National Army, a group that doesn’t recognize Libya’s government.

Kenyan politician’s body found Kenyan politician Thomas Minito’s body was found floating in a river outside the country’s capital, Nairobi. Minito was under investigation for raids on private farms. Authorities also believed Minito was involved in the shooting of Kuki Gallmann, an Italian-born conservationist. Gallmann’s body was found with a head wound and police believe the politician was murdered. Gallmann’s family has yet to verify his identity.


Chinese discover methane hydrates under South China Sea - Methane hydrates refers to flammable ice. The Chinese government is saying that it has managed to extract gas from an ice-like substance. The Chinese have described the discovery as a major breakthrough and the substance came from under the South China Sea. The discovery is considered to be a major breakthrough because methane hydrates are believed to be a potential energy source. Other countries have researched how to tap into methane hydrates such as the Untied States and Japan, but the task is considered to be challenging.

Six killed in India amidst rumored child abduction ring - Police in Jharkhand, India said that six people have been killed as a result of a rumored child abduction ring. Three of the people were beaten to death on the morning of May 18th, while three others were killed later. An Indian police spokesperson said that police officers had previously been injured while trying to stop the mob. However, there haven’t been any reports of the mob kidnapping children and no arrests have been made.


Norway takes action to protect Global Seed Vault - Lying on the Arctic Archipelago of Svalbard is the Global Seed Vault. The vault preserves world crops from future disasters. High temperatures in 2016 caused permafrost to melt and water was able to enter into the tunnel. Now Norway is taking steps to defend against floods by adding waterproof walls and drainage ditches. The vault holds 5,000 crops and it is believed they can be preserved for hundreds of years. The vault has been described as being the most important room in the world, according to scientists who work at the facility.

Italy makes it mandatory for children to be vaccinated - Italy will begin to enforce a policy that will require children to be vaccinated against 12 common illnesses before they can enroll in state-run schools. The country has already seen nearly three times as many measles cases this year compared to 2016. Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni pointed to the “spread of anti-scientific theories” as a reason to why there has been a decrease in vaccinations in the country. Health Minister Beatrice Lorenzin described the move as “a very strong message to the public.”

Latin America

Brazilian President allegedly received millions of dollars in bribes - Brazil President Michel Temer has found himself in a predicament that can prove to be devastating to his tenor. According to a testimony released by Brazil’s Supreme Court, Temer allegedly received millions of dollars in bribes over the past seven years. Temer’s administration is already in crisis mode as he faces allegations of paying bribes to a witness in a corruption scandal. Temer addressed the Brazilian people on television and vowed to prove his innocence.

Award-winning journalist’s death causes protests in Mexico City - In response to award-winning Mexican journalist Javier Valdez’ killing, Mexican journalists gathered to protest in Mexico City. The journalists are calling for the Mexican government to take action as seven journalists have been killed this year. Valdez’ career focused on investigating drug cartels and he received numerous death threats during his life. Judith Calderon Gomez spoke before the protest and said prosecutions on journalists’ murder cases only happen on .03 percent of cases. Gomez is the head of the group Casa de los Derechos de Periodistas.

North America

New Orleans removes pro-slavery statue - New Orleans has removed a statue of of General Robert E. Lee, a military leader in the Confederacy. The statue was in the area for 133 years and was one of the last monuments of the pro-slavery rebellion. The statue has been met with criticism. People have perceived the statue as racially offensive, but some supporters say the statue is important to the city’s Southern heritage. The decision to remove the statue was made in 2015 when a white supremacist killed nine black people in a South Carolina church.





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