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A week in review 5/31/2017
Photo courtesy: White House Facebook

By Joseph Rios


Indigenous tribe wins eight-year court battle against Kenya- The Ogiek tribe in Kenya will be able to remain in the Mau Forest thanks to a court ruling. The tribe found themselves in an eight-year long court battle due to the Kenyan government’s plans to evict them from their ancestral land. Court officials found that the tribe was entitled to live on their land and that the government didn’t have the right to try to evict them. The ruling was seen as a monumental victory for indigenous groups. The Kenyan government argued that the tribe needed to be evicted in order to protect the Mau Forest.

Bus carrying Christians attacked in Egypt - Coptic Christians traveling on a bus in Egypt were targeted by gunmen. The gunmen killed at least 28 people and 25 others sustained injuries. It is unknown who attacked the bus, but Islamic State militants have targeted Coptic Christians in the past and previously said they would do it again. The group was traveling to St Samuel’s monastery for a prayer session. Amongst the victims of the attack were children.


Taliban kill 15 Afghan soldiers -The Taliban carried out an attack on a military base in Kandahar. The attack resulted in the death of 15 Afghan soldiers and five others were injured. Taliban militants recently attacked another base in the same region and they openly admitted to being responsible for the attacks. In April the militant group announced that it will start their “spring offense.” The Taliban said it will focus on foreign forces by using military and political tactics. The United States ended operations against the Taliban in 2014, but it is considering sending more troops to assist the Afghan military.

India opens up its longest bridge India began building the Dhola Sadiya bridge in 2011 and now it is open. The bridge stretches over the state of Arunachal Pradesh into the state of Assam. It runs 5.68 miles long and it is India’s longest bridge. Officials pointed to engineering challenges as being a difficulty during construction of the bridge. It is also in the process of building a two-lane highway in Arunachal, an area that still has a World War II era road.


EU will contribute more money to local disaster zones - The European Union will will raise its accounts for cost of construction in local disaster zones in Brussels. It had previously contributed to 50 percent of reconstruction costs in particular regions, but now it will pay for up to 95 percent of reconstruction prices in local disaster zones. The European Union may end up paying $11bn by 2020 for support for disaster-stricken regions. Markku Markkula, the President of the European Committee of the Regions, applauded the move in a tweet. He said solidarity is “a founding EU value.”

German parents could be fined if children aren’t immunized - In response to the spread of measles, parents in Germany could face over $2,000 in fines if they fail to get their children immunized. The German city of Essen recently saw a mother of three die of measles and the government wants kindergartens to report parents who cannot prove they have had their children immunized. However, Bundesrat, Germany’s upper house of parliament, said forcing kindergartners to report parents over children not being immunized may be against data protection laws.

Latin America

Ecuador’s new President takes office - Ecuador’s new President Lenin Moreno has officially taken the role of leading the country. Moreno has promised to improve the country in numerous aspects including more subsidies for the poor and a social house-building program. It is believed that the program will create millions of jobs. During his inaugural speech in Quito Moreno told Ecuadorans, “I am a president for all. I owe this to everyone. I respect everyone.” Moreno won a close presidential election in April when he beat his opponent, Guillermo Lasso.

North America

Another court blocks Trump’s travel ban-People from Iran, Sudan, Syria and other countries will still be allowed to travel to the United States thanks to a decision from a Virginia-based court. The court found President Trump’s new travel ban made with intention to “bar Muslims from this country.” The next phase in Trump’s travel ban will see the Justice Department seek a Supreme Court review of the appeals verdict. The new travel ban would’ve temporary banned people from six predominately Muslim countries.





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