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School in session for aspiring DJs
Photo courtesy: Dj Blend FacebooP

By Joshua Pilkington

Blend DJ gives students a chance to love what they do

Breaking into the music industry can be difficult. As with any entertainment industry, it can often boil down to who you know as much or even more than what you know.

“You have to be willing to sacrifice a lot,” said Kyle Altier, 28, bass players for the local rock outfit, Screaming Meanies. “All those visions of making it big out of the gate are just that, visions. No matter what anyone else tells, you can’t make it big out of the gate…unless you’re like a product of Disney or something, but that really doesn’t count, does it?”

Altier has gotten used to playing backyard parties, basement shows and dive bars since he joined the Meanies in as a 20-year-old at Metro State University of Denver. His background is no different than others who, similarly, have gotten into music with ambitions of stardom and realized that even a five-year-plan can result in five years of frustration.

“Ultimately you either keep doing it because you love it and find a way to keep it in your life, or you hang it up out of frustration and defeat,” he said.

Like many musicians, Altier is a self-taught bass player who now says he could have benefitted from a few years of lessons.

“Even if it was just someone to show me the ropes of the music industry and give me an idea of what a studio looks like, what the expectations are…that would have been helpful,” he said. “I love production, so I kind of wish, I would have learned more about that while also getting better at bass and guitar.”

Hone your skills

Though in a different industry, Altier, and those like him can benefit from locations like Blend DJ, which not only specializes in teaching modern deejay skills to its pupils, but also offers a full production curriculum for those that want to be on the other side of the studio glass.

The brainchild of Denver DJ, DJ Chonz and Las Vegas-based DJ, DJ Andrew B., Blend DJ has institutes in both cities offering DJ and production courses.

The classes help students take their modern DJ skills to the next level by instructing them on how to mix, when to do it and how to read their audience. In an ultra-competitive industry where almost anyone with a laptop can piece together a song within a couple of hours, knowing actual performance techniques can go a long way in helping aspiring DJs cement their place on stage, according to the Blend DJ website.

The classes are meant just as much for beginners as they are for intermediate and advanced DJs who are looking to strengthen their skills or gain a stronger foothold in the industry.

Be productive

From a production standpoint, Blend DJ offers students the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of music composition. The three-course program also promises to hone each student’s creative identity. Using Ableton Live, the most comprehensive, easy-to-use and creatively accessible production software on the market, students of any level will learn to compose music for any genre.

For those who can’t make the trip to Denver location – at 2712 S. Havana in Aurora – or the Las Vegas location, Blend DJ also offers its courses online via Skype so prospective students can hone their talents from anywhere. Blend also offers one-course sessions for those that do not want to take on the full course curriculum.

Seven professional DJs make up the Blend team in Denver and Las Vegas, to schedule a session with them visit or call 720-708-6395.





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