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A week in review 6/14/2017
Photo courtesy: Travel Channel Facebook

By Joseph Rios


Militants free hundreds of prisoners in the Democratic Republic of Congo North Kivu, a province in the Democratic Republic of Congo, saw a large prison raid. Militants raided a prison and freed over 900 inmates. In the process, the militants killed at least eight prison guards and three other people. North Kivu’s governor said the militants attacked the prison with heavy weapons. Officials are still looking to identify the militants.


New report says Beijing companies are violating air pollution regulations China’s state media Xinhua news said that companies in Beijing are violating air pollution regulations. Companies have reported higher emissions than what are allowed and as a result more than 70 percent of Beijing companies have allegedly violated air pollution regulations. China’s ministry of environmental protection said more than 13,000 companies do not meet environmental standards.


HIV problem in Russia - The United Nation’s UNAIDS program suggests that Russia has the third highest number of HIV infections. Russia’s government reports show that a large amount of new HIV infections are transmitted through drug use. The Russian Federal AIDS Center said that HIV infection rates have grown by 10 percent each year the past five years.

Head of Amnesty International detained - Amnesty International said that Taner Kilic, the head of the organization, has been charged in Turkey for allegedly being a member of a terrorist group. Kilic was arrested along with 22 lawyers. The arrests were made in response to a failed coup that occurred in the country last summer. Amnesty International called Kilic’s arrest a “mockery of justice” and is demanding that he be released immediately.

Latin America

Puerto Rico to hold referendum Puerto Rico is set to have a non-binding referendum in which voters will be asked if they want Puerto Rico to be a state in the U.S. Referendums in the country have been held four times and the most recent one was in 2012. If voters do say that they want Puerto Rico to become a state then the decision will go to the U.S. Congress.

Farc rebels, Colombia continue peace process - Farc rebels in Colombia are handing over their weapons to the United Nations. The group has handed over 30 percent of its weapons and will give the UN all its weapons by June 20th. This is a part of a peace process between the Farc rebels and Colombia’s government. The two sides were at war for 50 years and the negotiation process took years to complete.

North America

James Comey testifies - Former FBI director James Comey recently testified before Congress regarding his time working for President Trump. Comey’s testimony drew a large interest around the nation as 19.5 million people watched the proceedings. In response to Comey’s testimony, U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions is now also preparing to testify in front of the Senate intelligence committee.

U.S. soldiers killed in Afghanistan The Nangahar province in Afghanistan pointed to an Afghan commando for being responsible for the deaths of three U.S. special forces soldiers. The commando was also killed during the exchanged gun fire while another U.S. soldier was also injured. The U.S. military released a statement in which it apologized for the shooting and announced an investigation into the





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