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Week of 6/21/17 Of Special Interest
Photo courtesy: Jefferson County public library

By Brandon Rivera

Let’s Build a Better World

Jefferson County Public Library is doing a reading during the summer program which helps students maintain or even improve their reading levels when they return to school in the fall. Reading six minutes a day can reduce stress, ease muscle tension and alter your state of mind.Young people (babies included!) need to read, be read to, and keep their minds active. Let’s make a better world, together, by reading 30 million minutes this summer. And here’s an added bonus: If they reach the countywide goal of 30 million minutes, our furry and feathered friends at the Foothills Animal Shelter win $500! Prizes Pick up a prize when you register, another when you’re halfway there, and a finisher prize when you reach your goal. Pick up prizes at your library while supplies last.

Immigrant Heritage Month and “I Stand With Immigrants” Campaign

June is Immigrant Heritage Month, and “I Am An Immigrant” and the City of Aurora Office of International and Immigrant Affairs hosted a city celebration in Aurora, last Saturday, June 17, at the Community College of Aurora CentreTech Campus Student Center to celebrate and lift up the critical contributions of immigrants in Colorado communities. The celebration was free and open to the public, and featured a series of keynote speakers and entertainers. Aurora Mayor Pro Tem Angela Lawson, Organizing Associate, Kaytia King, and head of the Aurora Office of International and Immigrant Affairs, Ricardo Gambetta, delivered remarks on Immigrant Heritage Month and the importance of sharing inspirational stories of immigrants in America. For more information, visit

Experiment in the ballpark neighborhood this summer

A block of 21st street between Lawrence and Larimer will be transformed, temporarily, into a park from June 15 - August 15. It will have everything from a lawn, trees, and benches to a dog park, food trucks, and security. Local artist Pat Milbery will be helping paint sixty tree boxes to be displayed at the park. The project will cost the city $200,000 compared to the millions of dollars a permanent park would cost long term. The city says depending how it works out, the space could become a permanent park in the future.

Colorado’s statewide unemployment rate, steady

The number of Coloradans who reported being unemployed decreased by 900 last month, according to the Office of Government, Policy and Public Relations, but due to rounding, the unemployment rate remained at 2.3 percent. Compared to the same time last year, Colorado’s unemployment rate is down 1.1 percent. Colorado has nation’s lowest unemployment rate nationwide. The unemployment rate was down one-tenth of a percentage point last month to 4.3 percent.

Our Government

White House

President Trump is changing the U.S. policy toward Cuba to achieve four objectives: Enhance compliance with United States law - in particular the provisions that govern the embargo of Cuba and the ban on tourism; hold the Cuban regime accountable for oppression and human rights abuses ignored; further the national security and foreign policy interests of the United States and those of the Cuban people; and lay the groundwork for empowering the Cuban people to develop greater economic and political liberty.

Colorado Governor

Governor Hickenlooper last week joined six other governors in voicing concerns over the American Health Care Act (AHCA) and the potential loss of health coverage to hundreds of thousands of Coloradans. They urged Congress to take a bipartisan approach to keeping health care coverage accessible and affordable. The governors, including four Democrats and three Republicans, sent a letter today to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer outlining principles to address the challenges of stabilizing the health insurance market, controlling costs, and increasing affordability.

Denver Mayor

Mayor Michael B. Hancock, and Executive Director of Public Safety Stephanie Y. O’Malley and faith leaders launched Safe Haven, a faith-led initiative designed to support community members who are struggling with trauma, fear or frustration as a result of gang violence. “Safe Haven will aid community healing and support the wellbeing of residents exposed to violence in a safe, supportive, community-based environment,” Mayor Hancock said. “Under the leadership of our faith community, we’re going to bring a community response to these terrible acts when they occur to support those affected however we can.”





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