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A week in review 6/21/2017
Photo courtesy: National Network on Cuba Facebook

By Joseph Rios


Egyptian court rules on prosecutor’s death - Hisham Barakat, Egypt’s top public prosecutor, was killed in a car bomb two years ago. Now a court in Cairo has recommended the death penalty for 30 people who were involved in Barakat’s death. It is unknown who carried out the attack, but Egypt suspects it was the Brotherhood and Gaza-based Hamas militant groups. Egypt’s Interior Ministry released a video showing men involved in Barakat’s death saying they received training from the Hamas group.


North Korea says diplomats were robbed - North Korea has accused U.S. authorities of robbing its officials’ diplomatic package at John F. Kennedy Airport. The country’s state news agency said the event proved the U.S. is a “lawless gangster state.” The North Korean diplomats were coming back from a conference with the United Nations. The U.S. has yet to comment.


French President’s party wins parliament majority - The party of new French President Emmanuel Macron has won the parliamentary majority. The party won over 300 of the 577 seats of France’s National Assembly. Macron’s party, La Republique en Marche, was formed only a year ago and some of its candidates have no political experience. The parliament results give Macron the platform to pursue his business-friendly reform plans.

Fire in Portugal kills 61 people Portuguese officials have declared three days of mourning for 61 people who died in a forest fire. The fire effected the Pedrogao Grande region. Portugal Prime Minister Antonio Costa said it is believed that lightning started the fire. It is feared the death toll will rise since people are still missing.

Latin America

Shopping center in Colombia attacked - Three women were killed at a shopping center in Bogota. The women were killed as a small bomb exploded. Authorities believe the explosive was hidden in a toilet. Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos visited the site of the attack and condemned it in a press conference. Eleven other people were injured and it is unknown who carried out the attack.

Cuba responds to Trump’s policy change - President Donald Trump recently made the decision to roll back on policy changes toward Cuba. Cuban State TV said the Cuban government “denounces the new measures toughening the embargo.” Through the statement on Cuban State TV, the Cuban government said it is still willing to continue dialogue and cooperation. Trump’s new policy toward Cuba will tighten travel rules and regulations regarding sending funds to Cuba.

North America

Police officer involved with Philando Castile’s death found not guilty - Minnesota police officer Jeronimo Yanez was found not guilty in the death of African American Philando Castile. Yanez shot Castile after stopping him. Castile’s girlfriend live-streamed the incident on Facebook. After the court ruling, nearly 2,000 people marched through St. Paul to protest.

Judge declares mistrial in Bill Cosby case - After the jury was unable to reach a unanimous decision, a judge declared a mistrial in Bill Cosby’s sexual assault case. The jury had 53 hours of deliberation in Pennsylvania and now Cosby could face a new trial. Cosby is accused of assaulting multiple women and could face up to ten years in prison.





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