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Week of 6/28/17 Of Special Interest
Photo courtesy: Jon Crowther Facebook

By Brandon Rivera

City of Boulder partners with Bridge House

The City of Boulder is contracting with Bridge House to provide Path to Home, a pilot summer sheltering program for homeless adults. The city released a Request for Letters of Intent (LOI) to pilot a summer sheltering program for homeless individuals. The city received two LOI responses. After review of both responses, the city accepted a proposal from Bridge House. Path to Home will operate for three months, from July 5 to Sept. 30, 2017.

Fireworks legal in Aurora

The Aurora City Council voted to lift the previous ban on the sale, possession and use of fireworks within city limits.Under the new ordinance, anyone who is 16 or older can buy and set off fireworks between June 15 and July 4. Before or after that, they’re illegal. The ordinance also limits permitted fireworks to those that don’t leave the ground, mirroring state law. Fireworks that fly through the air, such as bottle rockets and Roman candles, are illegal statewide.

Timothy Sandos the new Executive Director of the NDCC

Mayor Michael B. Hancock named Timothy Sandos as the new Executive Director of the North Denver Cornerstone Collaborative (NDCC). Sandos will provide general oversight, planning, strategic coordination, financing and implementation of six primary projects under the umbrella of the NDCC, including management of city staff assigned to the collaborative. “As Executive Director of the NDCC, Tim will contribute more than leadership and strategic planning. He values the importance of a connected city and connected communities,” Mayor Hancock said. “With Tim’s experience in both the public and private sector, he will ensure these six projects and the change they are set to bring to the area happens with the residents and businesses.”

Our Government

White House

Statement from the Press Secretary on the Terrorist Attacks in Pakistan: The United States strongly condemns the terrorist attacks in Parachinar and Quetta on Friday. These attacks, which deliberately targeted civilians, and killed over 80 people, are a strong reminder of the threat posed throughout the region by the scourge of terrorism. We stand with the people of Pakistan in their fight against it.

Colorado Governor

Gov. Hickenlooper signed an executive order this week to redesign the state’s Education Leadership Council (ELC). The ELC was first established in 2011 to provide a forum to discuss statewide education issues. "We’re pulling together many of the best minds in education, government and workforce to create a broad strategic vision that includes all levels of education - from preschool through college and beyond - in the state of Colorado,” said Governor John Hickenlooper.

Denver Mayor

Michael Hancock added his name to a growing list of mayors across the country working to strengthen efforts against climate change. “If the president wants to break the promises made to our allies enshrined in the historic Paris agreement, we’ll build and strengthen relationships around the world to protect the planet from devastating climate risks,” according to the letter. In Colorado, the mayors of Aspen, Denver, Lakewood, Longmont and Boulder have pledged to uphold the agreement. Mayors from across America will gather in Chicago in the fall to discuss climate change, and advance new programs and initiatives.





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