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A week in review 6/28/2017
Official White House Photo by Joyce N. Boghosian

By La Voz Staff


Kenya will be home to largest building in Africa - Kenya has begun construction on the tallest building in Africa. The building will be in the Nairobi area and will be finished by the end of 2019. The building will stand 300 meters tall and it will cost nearly $200 million to complete. The building will be a home to a Hilton Hotel, business facilities and residences.


Fuel tank explodes, kills dozens in Pakistan - Officials in Pakistan report that at least 150 people died after a fuel tanker exploded. People were gathered near the tanker to collect fuel that was leaking when it caught ablaze. Reports from the area said some victims can only be identified through DNA because of how badly their bodies were burned. Rescue services said the fire started by someone lighting a cigarette.


Russia doping investigation continues - FIFA announced that it is still investigating Russia’s soccer team regarding doping allegations. Lawyer Richard McLaren released a report alleging that over 1,000 Russian athletes were involved in a state-sponsored doping program. Some athletes named on McLaren’s report won medals at the Olympics. FIFA said that no Russian soccer players tested positive for performance enhancing drugs.

Turkey continues to fight against Gay Pride celebrations - For the third straight year Turkey has banned Gay Pride celebrations. Those who organize the event have continued their efforts to hold a Gay Pride march. In response, Turkish police shot rubber bullets at marchers and also arrested some people participating in festivities. Some members of European governments were monitoring the celebrations because Turkey is a candidate for membership with the European Union. The EU expects Turkey to respect minority rights.

Latin America

Mexico denies spying - In response to a New York Times article, Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto denied that the Mexican government was spying on journalists and activists. The Times’ article alleged that Mexico was monitoring the phones of people who were investigating human rights and corruption. The University of Toronto said it found over 50 fake messages sent to Mexicans which contained links to the spy software.

U.S. suspends Brazilian meat imports - The United States has suspended all meat imports from Brazil. The country listed “recurring concerns about the safety of products” as its reasoning for blocking Brazilian meat. The U.S. Department of Agriculture said the Food Safety and Inspection Service refused 11 percent of Brazil’s beef. That number is considered to be extremely high. The U.S.’s decision to suspend imports of is expected to hurt Brazil’s meat industry.

North America

Washington Post says Obama knew of potential Russian hacking-In response to a Washington Post article, President Donald Trump accused former President Barack Obama of inaction regarding Russian involvement in the U.S. election. The article alleged Obama knew of a potential Russian cyber campaign to influence the U.S. election. The Post alleged that Obama was concerned he might be accused of trying to influence the election.

California mosques are the latest subjects of hate crime - Law officials in Northern California are investigating possible hate crimes at two Islamic centers. Police discovered a burnt Quran outside a mosque in Sacramento. The mosque is the largest one in Sacramento and has been a target of hate crime in the past. The hate crimes occurred during Ramadan celebrations.





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