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A one-stop full museum experience
Photo courtesy: Sangre de Cristo Arts Facebook

By Joshua Pilkington

Pueblo is home of one of the most comprehensive museums in the state

In the heart of Pueblo lies a museum that has served the community for over 40 years as a one-stop destination for all things art, education and entertainment. The Sangre de Cristo Arts and Conference Center serves Pueblo and 17 surrounding counties by putting on art exhibitions, performing arts, dance arts, an award-winning children’s museum, comprehensive arts educational programming and an artistic space for meetings.

The SDC Arts Center opened its doors in 1972. The original two-building complex housed a single gallery, a 500-seat theater, studio spaces, a dance studio and a conference facility, creating a one-stop area for all things related to art and art education. After several expansion projects over the past 40 years, the SDC Arts Center is now a three-building complex offering all of the arts for all of Southern Colorado.

Buell Children’s Museum

One of the expansions that took place at the SDC Arts Center was the Buell Children’s Museum and Jackson Sculpture Garden. The 12,000 square-foot, two-level facility contains innovative, hands-on exhibits focusing on the arts, science and history. The Buell Children’s Museum has been named Pueblo’s Best Museum every year since 2012 and was awarded the Environmental Leadership Award in 2013. Child Magazine also recognized it as the second best children’s museum for art in the nation.

Current Exhibits

Until September 25th several comically smitten animals will be on display as part of Tom Taylor’s “Lovestruck Doodles” collection. Inspired by his surroundings, Taylor began his career creating graphic paintings of wildlife and nature. He had built a name for himself by the mid-80s earning the nickname The Poet Spiel as his paintings became known works internationally. Shortly thereafter he began to look for different avenues of expression and digital graphic design became that avenue. The self-proclaimed doodles began as a learning experience, according to Taylor.

“Each image became a new journey, with hit-and-miss along the path; hardly the perfection I sought and had found so natural when my hard-edge, graphic, wildlife images were rendered with gouache paint on illustration board,” he said in a release.

The collection has grown to include over three dozen smitten animals, many of which are now on display in the third-floor boardroom of the Sangre de Cristo Arts Center. Other galleries on display include “Ansel Adams: Classic Images”, “John Suhay: A Look at Pueblo”, “John Wilbur Clarence Floyd”, “The Landscape of Pueblo”, and “America’s Parks: A Centennial Celebration”.

For more information on events and exhibits at the SDC Arts Center visit

Music and Arts

The Sangre de Cristo Arts and Conference Center isn’t solely about arts either, as the center’s regional series would attest. On August 27, Denver-based rock band Paper Bird will play live at the SDC Arts Center Theater. Bearing a sound that can be compared to other Denver acts Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats as well as the Lumineers, Paper Bird have been touring the country extensively in preparation of their soon-to-be-released self tilted album. Renowned artist John Oates of Hall & Oats collaborated on the album with Paper Bird.

“Paper Bird is a band that possesses a sound that’s more than the sum of its parts,” Oates said in a release. “It’s the coming together of two perfect trinities. It has three distinctly unique female lead singers whose harmonies blend together as one…united with an inventive, cohesive rhythm section trio. I loved their sound from the first time I heard them and they just keep getting better.”

Reprinted from August 17, 2016





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