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A week in review 7/26/2017

By Joseph Rios


Germans killed while touring Egypt Egyptian officials said two German tourists were stabbed to death at a hotel along the Read Sea. Four other people were injured during the attack and a suspect was arrested. Egypt’s Interior ministry said authorities are working to determine the attacker’s motive. Staff members at the hotel said the man was targeting foreigners, rather than Egyptians.


Tiger deaths rise in India - The National Tiger Conservation Authority announced the bodies of 58 tigers were found between January and June in India. The rise in the death of tigers has caused wildlife activists to accuse Indian authorities of being secretive about the deaths. Tigers in India are losing their habitat and the want for their body parts has increased in China. India houses 60 percent of the world’s tigers.


Sales of illegial horse meat found in Spain - Spanish police arrested 65 people for crimes of animal abuse, money laundering and other charges. Authorities said horses in Spain were slaughtered and their meat was designated as edible. Police arrested a Dutch businessman in Belgium for allegedly being involved in the trade of horse meat in Spain.

Leaked memorandum says France wants tough Brexit for England - Jeremy Browne, London’s representative in Brussels, said French authorities are “in favor of the hardest Brexit” in a memorandum that leaked. Browne recently met with a large vast of French authorities. Browne wrote that French authorities are “crystal clear” about their hopes for a weakened Britain. Browne also said France sees Britain as adversaries rather than partners.

Latin America

U.S. swimmer’s charges dropped in Brazil - Brazil has dropped charges against United States swimmer Ryan Lochte. Lochte said that he was robbed at gunpoint during a television interview. Brazilian police discovered that Lochte fabricated the story when it reviewed CCTV footage. Lochte was originally charged with making a false statement.

Castro denounces Trump’s policy towards Cuba - Cuban President Raul Castro denounced U.S. President Donald Trump’s policy towards the country. Castro said Cuba does “not need to receive lessons from the United States” regarding human rights. Trump recently tightened restrictions on traveling from the United States to Cuba. Trump cited human rights concerns as his reason for tightening travel restrictions to Cuba.

North America

Flash flooding kills seven in Arizona Seven people have been killed due to a flash flood in Arizona. The flash flooding occurred near Payson and hit a swimming hole. It caused people to be swept down the East Verde River. The Associated Press said over 100 people were in the swimming hole at the time of the flash flooding. Authorities are searching for three people who were reported as being missing.

Congresswomen protest dress code - Congresswomen stood at the steps of Congress as a part of a sleeveless-Friday protest. The congresswomen were protesting against a dress code that bans sleeveless tops and other forms of dress code. About 25 women participated in the protest. House Speaker Paul Ryan agreed that the dress code needs to be modernized during a press conference.





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