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Week of Special Interest 8/2/17
La Voz Staff Photo

By La Voz Staff

A drastic shortage of teachers

In the State of Colorado, the Colorado Department of Education is formulating a plan with the help of the public.Employees, parents, students, community members and more are welcome to attend a series of town hall meetings in a host of areas to help draft an action plan to remedy the issue. “Educators make all other professions possible, and we must do all we can to lift the profession and retain top talent in the classroom,” Dr. Kim Hunter Reed, executive director of the Colorado Department of Higher Education, said. At the town halls, the groups will review incentives to attract teachers, including the perception of education, compensation and more.

Obamacare repeal’s failure

In the wake of the failure of Senate Republicans’ efforts to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act last week, Colorado’s lawmakers and governor said they weren’t ready to give up on fixing issues with the nation’s health care system that both parties have acknowledged need to be addressed. While Democrats were pleased that the “skinny repeal” bill Republicans threw together in an effort to get to conference committee discussions with the House failed in a narrow 49-51 vote, they said there was still work to be done going forward. The sentiment was shared by the Colorado Republicans who commented on the bill’s failure, though how much each party is willing to work with the other going forward remains to be seen.

Colorado’s favorite job listing term is ‘Change Driver

In New York, businessmen apparently herd cats. In Michigan, job seekers are encouraged to have the “eye of the tiger.” In Colorado, those who get jobs are likely change drivers. Textio, a company that analyzes data to help optimize hiring for businesses across the nation, scanned millions of want ads to pick out the jargon most commonly used in every state. In Colorado, “change driver” took the cake. That’s similar to North Dakota, whose frequent term “drives change” is a sought after trait in applicants. The results of the Textio analysis raised some eyebrows, especially for those questioning terms like New York’s “herding cats” and Oregon’s “revolutioneering.” It also shed light on corporate jargon, like Vermont’s “KPIs” (key performance indicators) and Maryland’s corporate alignment.

Celebrate Colorado’s birthday

It’s time to wish Colorado a happy 141st birthday, and there is no better way than joining in on the fun at the Celebrate Colorado event at Northfield Stapleton. For the sixth year in a row, Denver7 is putting on a party to celebrate all things Colorado from 2 p.m. to 8 p.m. Stop by after work to receive free T-shirts, free food and to hear music from Wyatt Love, The Mayhem Kings, Write Minded and the Hot Apostles. For the kids, a gaming area, balloon artist, caricature artist and face panting artist will help to provide endless entertainment. Although Colorado officially turns 141 on Aug. 1, this celebration is aimed at celebrating the past and looking toward the future of the state. So join in the fun, and be sure to share your Colorado photos with the hashtag #CelebrateCO.

Our Government

White House

President Trump is participating in an American small business event, The Engine of the American Dream, where he will continue to deliver his message for prioritizing the American worker and American jobs. Today’s event will highlight the President’s policies designed to grow the economy and create jobs and will feature the Small Business Administration’s mission to support small businesses.

Colorado Governor

Gov. Hickenlooper shared the following statement on the U.S. Senate’s rejection of the “Skinny Repeal” health care bill. “We are encouraged that the Senate has rejected efforts that would have raised health care costs, limited health care coverage, and hurt hundreds of thousands of Coloradans. It’s time to roll up our sleeves and deliver specific plans that will improve our health insurance system by lowering costs and providing stability for the marketplace. As governors, we are on the front lines of this debate. We must move forward in a transparent, collaborative, bipartisan manner to address problems we can all agree need fixing."

Denver Mayor

Denver has you covered with a new taxpayer receipt to show residents where and how their city taxes are spent Mayor Hancock says. The Denver Taxpayer Receipt shows how a resident’s estimated local sales and property taxes support budgeted services provided by the City and County of Denver in 2017. Users must enter their income, age, their best guess as to the percentage of goods and products they purchase in Denver, how each tax dollar is utilized by the city for affordable housing, capital projects, public safety and more.





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