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A week in review 8/9/2017
Photo courtesy: Daryl Padilla

By Joseph Rios


U.N. warns of ethnic massacres in the Democratic Republic of Congo The United Nations said 250 people were killed in the Democratic Republic of Congo between March and June of this year. The UN called the killings ethnic massacres and have alleged the majority of the attacks were conducted by the Bana Mura group. The group recently came into existence in April and it is believed to be targeting Luba and Lula populations.


China tells North Korea to stop nuclear tests - China is finally voicing its opinions on North Korea’s nuclear and missile tests. Wang Yi, the country’s foreign minister, told North Korea to stop carrying out the tests. Wang encouraged sanctions against the country, but he also said they are not the final goal. Wang has encouraged North Korea to remain calm and China has urged the U.S. and South Korea to not provoke North Korea. 


Neymar becomes one of many Brazilians to have played for Paris St-Germain - Former Barcelona forward Neymar may be set to play in his first game with his new team this Saturday. Neymar, recently left the Spanish team FC Barcelona for Paris St-Germain and he will earn 45M euros a year. His move to Paris St-Germain makes him the 31st Brazilian player to play for the team. The current Paris St-Germain team features five Brazilian players and it will wear yellow (away games) jerseys to pay tribute to their Brazilian ties.

Tourists arrested for making Hitler salutes in Germany - Chinese tourists were arrested outside the German parliament in Berlin for making Hitler salutes. The tourists were two men and they could face a fine, or up to three years in prison. They were released on bail and they are allowed to leave the country. German laws currently fight against hate speech and symbols linked to the Nazis and Adolf Hitler. 

Latin America

Venezuela halts attack on military barracks - Venezuelans dressed in military clothing uploaded a video saying that they were rising against a “murderous tyranny.” They called their operation a “military and civil” rising and launched an attack against military barracks in Carabobo. Venezuela’s military regained full control of the barracks and called the attack a terrorist operation. The country has seen a plethora of protests recently against President Nicolás Maduro.

Temer avoids trial for corruption

Brazil’s Congress voted to not put President Michel Temer on trial for corruption. Two thirds of Congress needed to vote yes in order for the case to be sent to the Supreme Court. Temer had previously been accused of receiving $12 million in bribes from the JBS meatpacking firm. Temer’s term ends in December and he said he plans on working to pass reforms that are necessary

North America

Another Fox News employee accused of sexual harassment - Eric Bolling from Fox News has been suspended from the news station. Fox News will conduct an investigation over allegations that Bolling sent photos of male genitalia to three people at Fox Business and Fox News. Bolling’s lawyer called Bolling’s suspension “terribly unfair.” Fox News now has three male employees accused of sexual harassment this year. 

Officials call off search for marines

Three U.S. marines recently went missing after an airplane crashed near the Australian coast. U.S. officials have called off a search and rescue operation and they will now focus on recovery efforts. The United States military was in the Australian area because it had been partaking in a joint training exercise. The exercise involved 30,000 military members between the U.S. and Australia.





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