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A week in review 8/16/2017
Photo courtesy: B.M. Rivera Twitter

By Joseph Rios


Nigeria carries out raid at a UN camp - The UN is waiting to hear back from Nigeria after the country raided a UN camp. The raid was a surprise to the UN and wasn’t authorized. The base was home to people who have been affected by the militant group Boko Haram. Following the raid, the UN told staff at the camp to work from home.


Elephants being used to help people stranded - Flooding in Nepal has left 500 people trapped in hotels. The floods were caused by torrential rains and 49 people died as result. Rescue teams have begun to deploy elephants and rafts to help people who have been stranded. The floods have left collapsed bridges and has caused issues for rescue teams.


Russia to allow female pilots into Air Force - Russia has not allowed female pilots into the country’s Air Force since World War II. That will change now after Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said women will be accepted after he received hundreds of letters asking for the country to change its policy. Russia’s Air Force will begin training a group of 15 women in October.

Contaminated eggs found throughout Europe - European countries have been dealing with contaminated eggs, according to the European Commission. The eggs have been found in 15 European countries and the European Commission will host a meeting in September regarding the issue. Officials said the eggs were contaminated with fipronil, a substance that is used to kill lice on animals.

Latin America

Venezuela responds to Trump’s threats - President Trump recently threatened military action in Venezuela due to the country’s crisis. Venezuela foreign minister Delcy Rodríguez said Trump’s threats were hostile and disrespectful. Other Latin American countries like Mexico, Peru and Colombia said Trump’s threat was against UN principles. Venezuela President Nicolas Maduro’s new constituent assembly has been met with controversy and protest throughout the country.

Mike Pence visits Colombia, plans other visits in Latin America - Colombia President Juan Manuel Santos met with U.S. Vice President Mike Pence in Colombia. Pence’s visit was expected to revolve around trade, business investment and other issues concerning the two countries. Pence will also make his way to Buenos Aires, Argentina and Panama where he will meet with each country’s leaders.

North America

CIA Director comments on North Korea - CIA Director Mike Pompeo made public remarks about tension between the United States and North Korea. Pompeo said he hasn’t seen intelligence that would suggest a nuclear war is immanent. However, he did admit North Korea is “closer” to being able to hit the United States with a nuclear weapon.

Trump responds to Charlottesville protests - In response to white nationalists protest in Charlottesville, Virginia, President Trump initially condemned violence from “many sides.” White nationalists gathered to protests against the removal the Confederate General Robert E. Lee’s statue. The crowd was described as being almost entirely white and male and protestors were met by counter-protestors. The tension resulted in the death of Heather Heyer 32 of Charlottesville, VA. and 15 others were wounded. After drawing criticism from his initial response to the incident, Trump addressed the media two days later to condemn the attacks, White Nationalists, the KKK and other radical white supremacy groups. Just 48 hours after condemning the attacks Trump retweeted Jack Posobiek’s (a known Alt-Right supporter) tweet (see above), one of the men behind the debunked story involving a D.C. Pizzeria also known as Pizzagate.





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