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Another fun summer venue
La Voz Photo by Daryl Padilla

By Joshua Pilkington

The Adventure Golf and Raceway’s latest attraction is an exhilarating ride

Just northwest of Colorado’s historic waterpark – Water World – lies a gem of a park that provides hours of fun and amusement for children and families alike: Adventure Golf and Raceway.

Established in 1989 as a prime location for miniature golf, Adventure Golf and Raceway has expanded now to include three state-of-the-art thematic miniature golf courses, bumper cars, go-karts and, its latest addition, an intense ropes course. Adventure Golf and Raceway allows families, summer campers, birthday partiers, corporate partiers and school groups the chance to get away from the mundane and add a little adventure to their summer.

Adventure Rope Course

Added in 2016, the Adventure Rope Course adds the thrilling “don’t look down, oh no I looked down” setting the park was missing. La Voz had the opportunity to visit rope course and leave intact – with a little less dignity and sore forearms, but intact. Here is our take on the latest addition to Adventure Golf and Raceway.

Taking harnessed visitors anywhere from eight to 22 feet off the ground the ropes course is the thrill ride you didn’t know you wanted and an unexpected workout for both your lower and upper body.

Hyland Hills Communications Manager, Joann Cortez said, “The ropes course has brought in impressive numbers of visitors because of the different levels of challenges that guests can experience. When you add that to the detail of imagination and fun at the mini golf courses and raceway, we are enjoying a great year!”

As your heart races through the course, you’ll be able to work your mind as well while you try to figure out “how on earth that 8-year-old managed to make this look so easy?”

Set on two levels and comprised of 25 challenges, each with their own degree of difficulty, the rope course boasts some remarkable tests of strength, agility and wits including tire steps, un-parallel bars and the most treacherous obstacle “Jacob’s Ladder” – three unevenly placed ladders that creek when you step on them to mock both your fear of heights and your self-consciousness.

The staff is friendly and helpful in reassuring you that there are escape routes all around the course (Alkatraz had an escape route too) as they securely strap you into your harness. After a brief explanation of what is allowed and not on the course, they send you on your way “choose your own adventure” style to meander through the course.

Respect the course

That is probably the biggest takeaway. Anything looks particularly simple when watching safely from the ground, but once you’re up against a particularly threatening obstacle looking down at a pink roll of Chapstick some 20 feet below and wondering “How did that get down there?” you realize why other patrons chose to take their time.

Challenge yourself

Once you get used to the obstacles on the course and feel a little more confident with the height – something we never did achieve – try to challenge yourself by not holding on to the harness or taking on some of the obstacles that seemed too daunting at first.

Take a run at the entire course

Machismo may lead you to believe that the lower half of the course is meant for younger kids, but it has some equally difficult (and fun) obstacles that you would be remiss to pass up.

Not American Ninja Warrior

Remember that there are children playing on the course as well who have yet to develop the strength and agility of a teenager or adult, so make sure that they are able to enjoy everything the course has to offer as well.

The Adventure Rope Course has a height requirement of 48 inches and a maximum weight limit of 200 pounds.


For those that prefer to keep their feet on the ground, the maze, which sits just below the ropes course, also provides a challenge. Those who can complete it in less than 10 minutes while getting the G-O-L-D punches to spell gold, receive a prize. We’re unable to say what the prize is, because the maze defeated us.

For more information on the course as well as pricing, hours and the other activities available at Adventure Golf and Raceway visit





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