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A week in review 8/23/2017
La Voz Staff Photo

By Joseph Rios


Nigeria President returns home After months of medical leave, Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari returned home. He was receiving treatment in the United Kingdom. Officials have not disclosed what he was being treated for. It was the second time this year Buhari was forced to leave his position because of medical reasons. Vice President Yemi Osinbajo was acting President while Buhari was on medical leave.


China, U.S. reach new deal - Chinese and American military commanders have reached a deal that will improve communications between the both of them. The idea behind the deal is to reduce the risk of miscalculation, according to the U.S. Department of Defense. China and the United States have had disputes over the South China Sea and the East China Sea.


Neo-Nazis march through Berlin To honor the 30th anniversary of the death of Adolph Hitler deputy Rudolf Hess, Neo-Nazis made their way through the streets of Berlin. They were met by counter protesters and police in riot gear. Police said there were about 500 people from each side. Nazis idolize Rudolf Hess because he didn’t renounce his beliefs after the fall of the Third Reich.

Terrorist attack in Finland targets women - Police in Finland responded to a terrorist attack in Turku when a knifeman killed two people. Police said the 18-year-old suspect was targeting women. Police shot him and he remains in custody. Eight others from Sweden, Italy and other countries were also injured in the attack. Finland is flying flags at half-mast as it mourns victims of the attack.

Latin America

Prison riot breaks out in Venezuela Venezuelan special interior ministry forces were sent to a jail in Puerto Ayacucho in response to a prison riot. The riot left 37 inmates dead and 14 officials wounded. Amazonas governor Liborio Guarulla called the riot a “massacre.” The prison had 105 inmates at the time of the riot and Venezuelan prisons tend to be understaffed.

Colombian rebels turn in the last of their weapons - The Colombian Farc rebels turned in the last of their weapons under UN supervision. Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos said it signaled the “last breath” of the conflict between the country and the rebels. Santos said Colombia’s next move will be to send armed forces to areas vacated by Farc to supply security, infrastructure and medical support.

North America

Activists gather in Boston - In the wake of violent protests in Charlottesville, Virginia thousands of activists gathered in Boston for a “Free Speech” rally. Demonstrators gathered to protest against racism and bigotry. Those demonstrators were met by right-wing demonstrators. Police said they had rocks thrown at them and 33 people were arrested.

Steve Bannon returns to Breibart After President Trump removed former Chief Strategist Steve Bannon from his position. Bannon returned to Breibart News. Bannon will assume the role of executive chairman for Briebart News. Bannon said he thinks he can be more effective outside the White House. He added that the Trump presidency “we fought for, and won, is over.”

Comedian Jerry Lewis dies - Iconic comedian Jerry Lewis of Martin and Lewis fame died on Monday, August 21, 2017 at the age of 91. Lewis was also instrumental in raising money for Jerry’s Kids, a non-profit organization for kids with muscular dystrophy. Lewis will always bring laughter to his many worldwide fans

The Great American Eclipse - A total eclipse occured on Monday, August 21, at approximately 10:23 a.m. MST The eclipse first occured in Oregon as it made its way across the country. Millions of watchers prepared for this awesome universal experience. The next total eclipse will occur in 2045.





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