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Osweiler back in Broncos Country
Photo courtesy: Denver Broncos/Gabriel Christus

By Brandon Rivera

Some pretty interesting things have happened since the Denver Broncos last preseason game Thursday night. The Denver Broncos hosted the Arizona Cardinals at Mile High on Thursday night, naming Kyle Sloter as the starting quarterback for the final preseason game. Despite some pretty impressive play (minus taking a sack for a safety on Denver’s first series) from the young quarterback, the Denver Broncos took an unexpected approach to the back up position over the weekend.

On Saturday morning a whirlwind of speculation hit the City of Denver regarding newly released (by the Cleveland Browns) Brock Osweiler. As most fans in the Mile High City know, Osweiler was serviceable back up to Peyton Manning. He made some pretty significant contributions to the team while Manning was out with injury until week 17 when Manning took back the helm after Osweiler struggled against the (then) San Diego Chargers. Denver stuck with Manning throughout the playoffs while the Broncos defense led the team to their third Super Bowl win over the Carolina Panthers.

Fast forward to Saturday, when the Denver Broncos waived Quarterback Kyle Sloter and speculation of an Osweiler return hit the city of Denver. Mixed reactions from fans was evident on Social Media from the start and than Chief of Football Operations, John Elway confirmed the return, by saying this, “Pending a physical. Which will happen on Monday. We’ll get him in here for a physical, so I believe that’s going to happen.” While Osweiler seems to have come full circle with his return to Denver which is surrounded by controversy, his return wasn’t nearly as controversial as Denver’s release of strong safety T.J. Ward.

Ward, a team favorite was released on Saturday as speculation of his release flooded media outlets coast to coast. Ward has been a significant part of Denver’s “No Fly Zone” defense and loved by many in the locker room, however we’re reminded that the NFL and all 32 teams are businesses and his release will be seen as such…a business decision. While many may not like the Bronco’s decision to release a key part of Denver’s successful defense, fans must take into account that not only has Ward been plagued with injury (only competing a single year with Denver fully healthy) but two young players, Will Parks and Justin Simmons, are more than capable of filling Ward’s shoes.

In other sports the Colorado Rockies begin the month of September with three straight losses to the Arizona Diamondbacks extending their games behind the L.A. Dodgers to 19 and 6.5 behind the Arizona Diamondbacks. Currently the Rockies are on track to miss a potential Wild Card spot at the rate they are falling in the National League standings. Colorado was on track earlier this year to be a definitive contender for the Wild Card spot and even held the top spot among the rest of the National League, however they’ve had much less success the second half of their season. Colorado will finish up their series with the San Francisco Giants this week before heading to L.A. to face the division leading L.A. Dodgers.

Former Champ, Cuban-Mexican fighter Ultiminio “Sugar” Ramos passed away over the weekend at the age of 75. Ramos who was an adopted national hero in Mexico was born in Mantazas Cuba, but fled the country shortly after Fidel Castro came into power. Ramos was an excellent fighter with a resounding record of 55 wins with 7 losses, and 40 KO’s.





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