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A week in review 9/13/2017
Photo courtesy: NASA’s Huricane Facebook

By Joseph Rios


Egypt uncovers mummies Archaeologists in Egypt discovered a tomb containing three mummies and it dates back to the 16th century BC. The mummies were that of a woman and her two adult children. The woman is believed to have been 50 and her sons were in their 20s and 30s. Other objects, like jewelry, funerary masks and a statue were also located.


China to ban sales of diesel and petrol vehicles - China said it has started “relevant research” to ban production and sales of diesel and petrol vehicles. They join the United Kingdom and France as other countries who announced their plan to ban new diesel and petrol vehicles. Volvo, the Chinese-owned car producer, said it will only focus on creating vehicles with an electric motor.


Mosquito virus found in Italy - The chikungunya virus has been detected in three people near Rome. The virus comes from mosquitos and it causes a fever and joint pain. The virus cannot be transmitted from another person and it is very rare in Italy. Most people diagnosed with it recover in a few days, but there have been cases when joint pay affected people for months.

UK soldiers arrested - British officials arrested four British soldiers over suspicion of preparing acts of terror. The soldiers are believed to be a part of a neo-Nazi group. The group is called National Action, banned last December and it is a crime to be a part of the organization. Authorities said there was no threat to the public.

Latin America

Pope visits Colombia - Pope Francis recently visited Villavicencio, Colombia and he became the first Pope to visit Colombia in over 30 years. His trip is a gesture to show support for a peaceful Colombia. Pope Francis called for respect for women and he urged verbal and physical abuse to end against them. Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos said the Pope’s visit helped some people find peace.

Earthquake hits Mexico - An earthquake of an 8.1 magnitude hit Mexico and killed at least 90 people. The earthquake was the strongest one to hit Mexico in 100 years. According to the Mexican Sesimological Service, 721 aftershocks have occurred since the initial earthquake. The country was also hit by a tropical storm on its east coast.

North America

Equifax breach may have affected 143 million people - Equifax, a consumer credit reporting agecy, is battling a controversy regarding one of the biggest data breaches to ever be reported in the United States. The breach may have revealed 143 million people’s personal information. States have begun to investigate the breach including New York, Pennsylvania and Illinois.

McCain discusses cancer - Senator John McCain discussed his battle with cancer on CNN’s “State of the Union” show. McCain, who was diagnosed with brain cancer, told the news agency that his prognosis is “pretty good.” McCain said “every life has to end one way or another” and he wants to be remembered for serving his country.





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