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A week in review 9/20/2017
Photo courtesy: Lucía Topolansky Facebook

By Joseph Rios


Tanzania arrests 20 for alleged homosexuality - Authorities in Tanzania arrested 20 people for alleged homosexuality. Authorities arrested 12 women and eight men who were receiving HIV/Aids education at a hotel. Homosexuality is illegal in Tanzania. Certain health clinics aren’t allowed to provide HIV/Aids services because Tanzania said it encourages gay sex. Tanzania was seen as being more tolerable towards gay people than other African countries, but there has been a rise in anti-gay sentiment.


South Korea notices less North Korean defectors - South Korea reported that the number of North Koreans defecting to the country has dropped by 13 percent. It is believed the number dropped because of tighter government surveillance and tougher border security by both North Korea and China. Most defectors go to China before reaching South Korea. The Unification Ministry said 780 North Koreans arrived in South Korea between January and August.


Berlin opens graffiti exhibit - Graffiti is seen as a form of vandalism by many people in the world. However, Berlin is celebrating the art form by opening a graffiti gallery in the country’s Urban Nation museum. The gallery showcases the work of 150 local and international artists and it is believed to be the first of its kind.

Paris to host 2024 Olympic Games Paris has been making attempts to bring the Olympic Games to their city for years. After numerous failed attempts, the International Olympic Committee announced Paris would host the games in 2024. The last time Paris held the Olympics was in 1924. Los Angeles will also have the opportunity to host the Olympic Games in 2028 Games.

Four American women students attacked with acid - In Marseilles, France on Sunday just outside of a train station, four American college students were attacked when a deranged 41-year-old woman who is mentally unstable sprayed acid on the four American students. Though the attack is disturbing French athorities have determined that it was not an act of terrorism. All four woman were taken to a local hospital and treated for burns, a potential eye injury and shock. All are expected to be ok and have since been released from the hospital.

Latin America

Uruguay has its first female vice-president - Lucia Topolansky, a Uruguay senator, has become the country’s first female vice-president. Jose Sendic was the country’s vice-president before, but he resigned because of corruption allegations. Topolansky is the wife of former Uruguay President Jose Mujica. She was a left-wing guerilla and spent 13 years in jail.

Temer accused of taking bribes Brazil President Michel Temer has found himself in more controversy. The president has been accused of taking bribes and allegations of paying a witness to remain silent. He was officially charged with obstruction of justice and racketeering by Brazil’s top anti-corruption prosecutor. Six other political allies were charged and the prosecutor said Temer was the “leader of a criminal organization.”

North America

U.S. may remain in the Paris Accord Rex Tillerson, the U.S. Secretary of State said President Trump is open to staying in the Paris Accord on climate change. The statement contradicts the White House who reported there would be no change to U.S. policy. The Paris Accord aims to halt rising global temperatures. There are 187 other countries currently committed to it.

Earthquake in Mexico - A 7.1 earthquake hit central Mexico near Mexico City on Tuesday afternoon. Dozens of buildings were toppled and over 50 people have reportedly been killed. The epicenter is said to be near the Puebla state town of Raboso about 75 miles southeast of Mexico City. Gov. Graco Ramires of Cuernavaca has confirmed 12 deaths while the Governor of Morelos has confirmed 42 deaths.





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