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Martinez brothers entertain Colorado
Photo courtesy: Martinez’ Facebook

By Joshua Pilkington

Hispanic Heritage Series

Part III of VI

As part of our Hispanic Heritage series this September, La Vida Latina took some time to catch up with the family band of musicians, Los Martinez Bros, whose variety of sounds and style can be heard throughout Denver and the Front Range. We spoke with Nate Martinez, the band manager and bass player, to give us some insight into the band, the obstacles they’ve overcome as a family band and their triumphs.

La Vida Latina: What year did the band begin and who was its founder?

Nate Martinez: Los Martinez Bros was started in 2000 known as The Martinez Kids singing Karaoke with brothers and sisters founded by our father Dan Martinez. In about 2001 our father bought instruments and we began learning from there.

LVL: Often with family bands, the lineup can go through a lot of changes over the years. Seeing as you are approaching your second decade as a band now, how long has the current lineup been together and how often does it change?

NM: Our current lineup consists of four brothers Nate, Danny, Jon, and Max along with our family friend Greg. We change the lineup depending on the show. It sometimes consists of the five of us plus a sax player, Stephen, occasionally a trumpet player, Dan, and a conga player, Chris.

LVL: You wear a lot of hats with the band as manager and bass player. Is there anything else you do with Los Martinez Bros or with music in general?

NM: I also run all our sound and bring many New Mexican artists and bands to Colorado to keep the New Mexico sound going in Colorado.

LVL: What have been some of your favorite venues to play?

NM: We enjoy playing all over town and out of town there are many venues we like to play.

LVL: As a fan, one can hear a lot of variety in the band’s style. How would you describe the music Los Martinez Bros plays?

NM: We play a variety of music from New Mexico, Tejano, oldies, old school and much more Los Martinez Bros has its own, unique sound with the music we play.

LVL: It’s not abnormal for musicians to have to overcome several obstacles to stick around, what obstacles have you overcome to get to this point?

NM: We have had to overcome several obstacles through the years from being the youngsters in the music, to finding venues and, well, being a family band we have had to put differences aside when it comes to the band.

LVL: What keeps you going?

NM: The fans and the support we get from them, but the one person who has had the greatest effect on us is our grandpa, Daniel. He always told us “don’t give up, keep going mijos.”

LVL: What is it like to share the stage with your brothers?

NM: Sharing the stage as brothers is a great pleasure and the memories we are making as a family and a band is what our grandpa always wanted. We keep each other going.

The Los Martinez Bros current lineup consists of Danny Martinez on guitar and lead vocals; Nate Martinez on bass guitar and vocals; Jon Martinez on drums and vocals; Max Martinez on keyboards, according and vocals; Greg on guitar and vocals; Stephen on saxophone; Dan on trumpet and Chris on percussion.

Interested fans can catch Los Martinez Bros on Friday, September 29 at the Fraternal Order of Eagles building on 8160 Rosemary Street in Commerce City or on Saturday, October 14 at the American Legion building on 5110 Morrison Road in Denver. Both shows begin at 7 pm.





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