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Week of Special Interest 10/04/17
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By La Voz Staff

Colorado’s pitch to build Hyperloop would cost $24B

Colorado’s dream of a futuristic transportation system that would move passengers and freight at speeds of nearly 700 mph (1,126 kph) using a pod and tube system is estimated to cost about $24 billion to build. The state’s proposed route — named one of 10 global finalists this month by the Los Angeles-based Hyperloop One — accounts for the 360 miles (579 kilometers) connecting Denver to Pueblo, Vail and Cheyenne, Wyoming, Shailen Bhatt, executive director of the Colorado Department of Transportation, said a study must now look at the feasibility of building and funding the project, which will not be paid for by the state. “I’ve said all along the state is not going to be the pockets for this,” he said. “The funding model will be key.”Hyperloop One is trying to identify the best routes for the transportation system, which would use pods lifted above a track by magnetic levitation. The pods would glide at airline speeds because of ultra-low aerodynamic drag in the tube.

Lafayette restricting sugary drinks

Lafayette City Council will vote on a bill that would restrict restaurants from advertising sugary drinks to children. “Out of 75 restaurants in Lafayette, 22 have a children’s menu and that children’s menu is usually with a sugary drink in them,” Mayor pro-tem Gustavo Reyna told Anne Trujillo on this week’s Politics Unplugged. “Our youth advisory commission looked at that and said this is a default and that adults tends to go in that direction as well. So when a child chooses that as a default, as an adults they become sugar drinkers as well.” The ordinance wouldn’t ban the sale of soda, but simply discourage consumption in an effort to curb childhood obesity. Reyna say even in a state as active as Colorado, one in four kids is obese or overweight and one in three kids born since 2000 will eventually develop Type 2 Diabetes.

Special needs kids co-pilot flights

In the 8th annual Challenge Air event, those ages, 7 to 21-years-old, were given a “special sense of independence.” Parents in attendance said their children would not have had the opportunity to help pilot a single-engine plane otherwise. “Getting to see him experience this now is unreal. We just didn’t know back then,” Wade Kinnison said. “A much better experience to say the least,” Kinnison said when asked about Saturday’s flight. Challenge Air relies on pilots who volunteer their time and aircraft, and others who spend the day making sure it runs smoothly. “It’s my favorite weekend of the year,” pilot Mark Van Tine said. He’s volunteered at the event since it started at Centennial Airport. “To watch somebody experience it for the first time is spectacular,” he said.

Our Government

White House

President Trump announced the establishment of enhanced national security measures. This is a critical step toward establishing an immigration system that protects Americans’ safety and security in an era of dangerous terrorism and transnational crime. Countries that do not adequately adhere to the new requirements include Chad, Iran, Libya, North Korea, Syria, Venezuela, and Yemen. The restrictions being imposed on these eight countries are conditional and may be lifted as they work with the United States Government to ensure the safety of Americans.

Colorado Governor

Gov. John Hickenlooper announced Boards and Commissions appointments to the Colorado Dental Board, Board of Examiners of Nursing Home Administrators, State Board of Pharmacy and Physical Therapy Board. For a term expiring July 1, 2021: Lori Louise Randall, RN of Fruita, to serve as representative of nursing home administrators. For a term expiring July 1, 2019: Neill Finnes Piland, DrPH of Fort Collins, to serve as a non-pharmacist and as an Unaffiliated. The Physical Therapy Board is responsible for the regulations for the practice of physical therapy in Colorado; taking into account the education and training of the unlicensed individuals.

Denver Mayor

Mayor Michael Hancock offered, “Our hearts are breaking for the residents of Central Mexico as they dig out from past earthquake. To be struck again by tragedy on the sad anniversary of the one that caused so much agony 32 years earlier is a great deal for a people to bear. We want friends, neighbors, business partners and relatives of so many who call Denver home to know that we stand with them.





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