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Denver loses a legend in “Red” Miller
Photo courtesy: Denver Broncos Collectables Facebook

By Brandon Rivera

This past week and weekend, Colorado sports fans didn’t have much to cheer about as the Denver Broncos enjoyed their bye week, the Colorado Rockies lost their only chance to advance in the MLB post season, the Denver Nuggets are wrapping up their preseason and are heading into the regular season, and the Colorado Avalanche nearly got shut out 4-1 by the New Jersey Devils over the weekend.

It was kind of a drab week for Colorado sports to start off the month of October in Colorado. Just a week prior Colorado lost a Mile High great, coach Red Miller of the Denver Broncos from 1977 to 1980 when Denver’s nasty defense was known as the Orange Crush. Miller coached many years for several teams throughout the 60’s and 70’s as an offensive line coach before taking on the head coaching position in Denver in 1977. Coach Miller was loved by all in the City of Denver and a key component for the start of Denver’s success that owner Pat Bowlen built.

La Voz was lucky enough to sit down with Coach Miller back in January of 2014, and here’s what Coach Miller said:

La Voz: “Coach Miller, a lot has changed since your 1977 Denver Broncos and their trip to the big game against the Dallas Cowboys. What are some of the differences between the 1977 [season] Broncos and the 2014 Broncos?”

Miller: “The game has changed somewhat since then on defense and offense. We had a good defense that year going into the Super Bowl and the Seahawks have a great defense going into this year’s game. Of course, Denver has a really good offense this year and Denver’s defense has made big strides in recent games and have played well enough to make a difference in this game.”

La Voz: “A trending number seems to be making its way into Bronco talk lately. The number seven, of course there was the 1977 Denver Broncos led by then quarterback, Craig Morton who donned number 7 and of course the current architect of today’s team John Elway also wore number 7 and this will be the Denver Broncos seventh time to the Super Bowl. Coincidence?”

Miller: “Numbers are numbers and I don’t believe any particular number means anything when comparing two great teams. I guess you can look at it as the number seven being a lucky number. Take that seven from that seven and place it to that seven.”

La Voz: “A lot of today’s fans are unaware that the Denver Broncos and the Seattle Seahawks were divisional opponents in the American Football Conference (AFC) West at one time, and these two teams reserved a bit of rivalry from those earlier days. What is your prediction for the game?

Miller: “Prediction? I don’t want to make any. I’m sure they will play well, and I’m hoping that the Broncos will come out on top. Both teams are evenly matched and it should be a close game but if I interject the number 7 maybe Denver wins 7-0!”

Unfortunately the Denver Broncos went on to lose in that Super Bowl appearance versus the Seattle Seahawks that year, but it was an honor to interview one of the most well respected men in Denver sports history. We salute you coach, your memory will live on throughout Broncos history.





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